Wrestling couple bringing queer excellence to the squared circle as dynamic new tag team

Jetta and Charlie Morgan, a British LGBT+ couple and wrestlers, hold each other close with a rainbow heart in the background

British wrestling’s top LGBT+ couple Jetta and Charlie Morgan are bringing queer representation to the squared circle with their upcoming tag team debut for PROGRESS Wrestling.

The out pro-wrestlers have long been fan-favourites in the UK wrestling world for their dynamic performances inside the ring. The real-life queer couple have competed alongside each other and even butted heads in past matches.

And the two in-ring veterans are soon teaming up yet again as a new tag team duo who will undoubtedly win matches and fans’ hearts.

After Morgan defeated both Mercedez Blaze and Taonga in a recent match, the duo decided to join forces to team up against the wrestler. But Morgan doesn’t have to worry about taking on the fierce pair alone as “The English Rose” Jetta will be fighting alongside her as part of their new tag team, The Royal Aces.

The iconic match-up is scheduled to take place on 22 March as part of PROGRESS Wrestling’s “Who Run The World?” show at The Dome in London. The event will highlight the star-studded female talent in the PROGRESS line-up.

Jetta told PinkNews that she is excited to join Morgan in the ring as she feels they “bring out each other’s strengths” and “complement each other” in wrestling as well as in real life.

“She makes me the best version of myself whether that’s in the ring or out of it,” Jetta gushed. “I feel extremely lucky that we get to share these experiences and moments with each other.”

Similarly, Morgan shared that she “can’t wait” to share the ring and tag up with her best friend and fiancée. She added that becoming a tag team has been something she had as a goal “since we returned to wrestling”.

Morgan announced her retirement from wrestling after suffering a devastating injury in 2019, but she triumphantly returned to the ring just two years later.

“I feel like we have something really special together, and I think it will reflect in the ring,” Morgan said. “I love that I get to experience this crazy world of wrestling together and having that support through thick and thin makes me feel really lucky.”


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Morgan has lived up to her “Fearless” moniker multiple times throughout her career, coming out publicly in the ring in 2017. A year later, her relationship with Jetta had become public, and the couple announced their engagement in 2020 via an adorable post on social media.

Jetta told PinkNews that she has a “really positive experience” as an out wrestler largely in part because of people, like Morgan, who have advocated for LGBT+ representation in the wrestling world.

“For many years, sexuality was treated as a joke or something to make you the bad guy in professional wrestling, and Charlie was one of the first to be a positive role model who happened to be gay as well,” Jetta said.

While she hasn’t experienced any lows personally, Jetta witnessed “some of the backlash Charlie received” from “other wrestlers who maybe didn’t understand how important representation in sport is”.

English wrestlers Jetta and Charlie Morgan jokingly grapple with each other for a photo

Jetta and Charlie Morgan will team up for PROGRESS Wrestling. (James Musselwhite Photography)

Morgan acknowledged that she has had a “mixed emotional bag” of experiences as an out LGBT+ wrestler, saying it’s been “full of both heartbreak and happiness”. She had “bottled up” her sexuality for “many years both personally and professionally”.

Over the years, she learned to accept herself and live her truth, which helped her feel “ready to take on the world”. After she came out publicly, Morgan recalled receiving a “very overwhelming and completely unexpected” outpouring of support from the LGBT+ community.

“I was over the moon about how many [people] reached out and could relate, even I didn’t realise at that point how many people were like me [struggling],” Morgan said.

She told PinkNews some people in the wrestling industry “felt my promo was unnecessary” and that “real life didn’t need to be spoken of” in the ring.

“But in my opinion how can you expect anything to change if the ‘unspoken’ isn’t spoken about,” Morgan added. “Fast forward to now 2022, I’m delighted with how much LGBT+ representation there is.”