All Elite Wrestling star Bulk Bronson comes out as bisexual to celebrate Pride month

A selfie of Bulk Bronson.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Bulk “Dirty Bulk” Bronson is celebrating Pride month by coming out publicly as bisexual.

The squared-circle performer, who is one-third of the wrestling tag-team the Iron Savages, came out via a social media post on X/Twitter on Monday (3 June).

As part of a quote-tweet chain in which users post “you and your flag,” Bronson responded to Create a Pro Women’s Champion, Gabby Forza – who he is engaged to – with a selfie and the bisexual flag.

Bronson’s post was met with a wave of support from fans and fellow wrestlers alike, several of whom took Bronson’s courage as a chance to respond with them and their own flags.

“Hell yeah big dog!” one supportive user wrote, while another wrote: “Love you, happy for you!”

The former WWE 24/7 champion, who also features in rival promotion Ring of Honour (RoH), responded to the outpouring of support in a heartwarming statement.

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“The last 24 hours have just been so overwhelming every since openly admitting that I am bisexual,” he wrote. “I’ve been left speechless by the endless phone calls, texts, DM’s, replies from faithful fans, my close friends … and so many others I’ve had new interactions with.

“The love of my life has always lifted me up and been proud of me from the second I admitted my sexuality to her when we started dating,” he said, talking about Forza’s support.

“I feel like the luckiest guy in the world today. I love every single one of you for making me feel this way. Thank you. Happy Pride.”

Forza responded to the post saying she was “emotional” over her partner’s announcement, adding in a post: “I love you so, so much.

“Happy Pride month to my sweetie & all our loving friends that have made his day and this experience so loving.”

Who is Bulk Bronson?

Bronson debuted in AEW and RoH in 2020 alongside the tag team partner Boulder, named Bear Boulder at the time.

Originally called the Bear Country, the pair previously won tag team championships in both Extreme Wrestling Alliance and Chaotic Wrestling.

They rebranded to the Iron Savages in 2022 after Boulder sustained an injury that left the team inactive for almost an entire year.

In the process, Boulder and Bronson revealed a third member, Jacked Jameson. The tag-team trio debuted in May 2023 in a match against The Wingmen which the Bleacher Report described as “quick but had some fun moments sprinkled through.”

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