Drag Race UK winner Krystal Versace feels ‘lost’ since snatching the crown

On the left: Promotional picture of Krystal Versace in drag. On the right: Krystal Versace, out of drag, talks to the camera

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK winner Krystal Versace has said she has felt “lost” since being crowned the UK’s next drag superstar.

The 20-year-old from Kent, England, narrowly beat Ella Vaday and Kitty Scott-Claus during the frenzied third season last year, capping off her stunning track record of winning the show’s first two challenges and slaying many, many more.

But on Monday evening (7 March), Versace, known off-stage as Luke Fenn, admitted that since winning the show she has felt unsure about where to take her act next.

She apologised to her fans for being “distant” in recent weeks but gave a “transparent” update across a string of Instagram Stories before announcing her return to the stage.

“It’s been a bit of a weird time,” she said of her life post-Drag Race, “and trying to get to grips with a few things, trying to understand what to do and trying to talk to people and lay it out so I can see it clearly.

“It just feels like, sometimes, I’m a little bit lost, but you know, it’s the name of the game. I signed up for this thing and it’s happened and it’s been given to me, thankfully.”

Stressing that she is in no way “ungrateful” for winning the crown, Versace said that after some soul-searching she is preparing to come back with a vengeance, planning some more original work that has re-electrified her love of drag.

And the premium fashion queen has one simple mission for her return: to leave her audience absolutely “gagged”.

Vanity Milan and Krystal Versace.

Vanity Milan and Krystal Versace. (BBC)

“I’m working on things, getting back into the rhythm, I’m bringing Krystal back, properly, and doing what I do best, which is putting on incredible shows and entertaining the crowd,” she explained with a smile.

“I want to put out things that aren’t just, ‘I want to get a cheque,’ I want to put out bigger things than that. I want to put out something where you guys leave my show gagged.”

Krystal said that her own projects come alongside the upcoming Drag Race UK tour, which will see her alongside the rest of the series three cast including fan-favourites Victoria Scone and Choriza May travel across 29 venues up and down the UK from 29 August to 16 October.

“I don’t really talk on social media because,” Kyrstal added, making gagging sounds, “but I’m being honest because I’m here because of you guys. I want to give you guys a show, I want to give you inspiration.

“I didn’t say on Drag Race that I’m the next generation of drag and to inspire all the younglings for nothing.

“I’m going to make it happen this year and I’m going to f**king kill it. So 2022 is the age of the KB and I’m ready.”