Netflix drops first trailer for ‘beautiful’ gay teen romance Heartstopper: ‘Queers keep winning’

Netflix drops first trailer for "beautiful" gay teen romance Heartstopper

Netflix has dropped the first trailer for its new gay teen romance series Heartstopper – with fans calling the clip “beautiful”.

The show, adapted from the graphic novel series of the same name by Alice Oseman, details the friendship between two boys – Charlie and Nick – at secondary school, which blossoms into an unexpected romance.

The trailer shows the pair first meeting, Charlie agonising about his “straight-boy crush” on rugby player Nick, and the two sharing a poignant “hi” in the pouring rain.

Fans of the novel series have leapt on the heartwarming trailer, with one Twitter user calling it “beautiful”, and others saying they are “in tears” over the clip.

One Twitter user commented on the Heartstopper trailer: “WE QUEER PEOPLE JUST KEEP WINNING!”


One Twitter user heartbreakingly posted: “I couldn’t have imagined having this on TV when I was a teenager.”

Another fan has said they welcome the comic aspect of the series, stating that it’s “great to see a story like this coming from a British perspective and treated with some levity rather than deathly serious drama”.

One fan commented that she was not “emotionally ready” for the level of “pining” that Heartstopper is going to entail.

Heartstopper has been in the works for a while, with the series’ full cast announced in April last year; actors Kit Connor and Joe Locke have been cast to play Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring respectively.

Connor has already chalked up an array of acting credits, including starring in the Elton John biopic Rocketman as a young Reggie.

Oseman, who will be directing the eight-episode series along with Euros Lyn, said in a statement: “Nick and Charlie have existed as characters for almost a decade, and are two of my most beloved characters, so I was slightly apprehensive about the casting search, but I am so happy and excited that we’ve cast Kit and Joe.

“They’re both so talented, sweet, funny, and smart, and so perfect.

“It has been such fun getting to know them and welcoming them into the Heartstopper universe, and I can’t wait to see them bring the characters to life on screen.”

Heartstopper will be coming to Netflix on Friday 22 April.