Joe Locke says Charlie’s eating disorder is ‘main focus’ of Heartstopper season three

Joe Locke in Heartstopper season two.

Joe Locke has shared more details of Heartstopper season three, confirming that Charlie’s eating disorder is “main focus” of the next instalment of the LGBTQ+ Netflix series.

Locke, 20, previously shared that the Netflix adaptation of Alice Oseman’s sweet queer teen series, which is set to return to our screens for its third season later this year, will be “raunchier” than ever.

On the latest episode of the Dinner’s on Me with Jesse Tyler Ferguson podcast, Locke speaks to Modern Family star Ferguson about Charlie Spring’s development in season three of the coming-of-age romance drama.

“In the season that isn’t out yet we delve into Charlie’s eating disorder much more. It’s probably the main focus of the season,” he shared.

Referencing Oseman, Locke said: “I’ve never met anyone who can write such series topics with such heart and such love. It’s almost [as if] she writes it while the audience is aware there’s a light at the end of the tunnel the whole time. 

Joe Locke in a brown top and beige blazer, looking directly at the camera.
Joe Locke. (Getty/WWD)

“I don’t know how she does it because it almost allows the audience to not stress themselves out too much while also learning about a certain topic.” 

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Locke, who made his Broadway debut in Sweeney Todd earlier this year admitted he was prepared for possible criticism about his portrayal of someone living with an eating disorder, stating: “All I can do is the best I can do.” 

The out gay star added: “I can only put my truth into it and that’s what I do.” 

Ferguson also asked if season three of Heartstopper, which Locke has just filmed, will be the last. 

Refusing to be drawn on the show’s future, Locke responded: “I don’t know… Every time we go back it feels like going back to school again.” 

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