Dog dumped at shelter after owners insist he’s ‘gay’

Fezco the dog, who was labelled gay by his owners

A dog has been dumped at an animal shelter after his owners decided they no longer wanted his because he is “gay”.

According to local TV station WCCB Charlotte, the pup was dropped off at an animal shelter in Stanly County, North Carolina, US.

The shelter said that the owners of the dog, who is named Fezco, insisted their pet was gay because he humped another male dog.

Shelter staff said Fezco weighs around 50 pounds (23 kg) and is between four and five years old.

He loves people, other animals, and is overall a “good boy”.

Despite Fezco’s sad circumstances, one Reddit user said: “Honestly, this is the best-case scenario. Nobody that dumb should be responsible for taking care of another life. I hope he finds an actual home.”

Another person wrote on Twitter: “This beautiful gay boy! F**k homophobes.”

Same-sex relationships have been observed in over 1,500 species, including domestic cats and dogs, and gay animals often make headlines around the world, for example a gay lion orgy reported in the West Midlands Safari Park, or the gay gorilla sex caught on camera at Rotterdam Zoo.

Some same-sex animal couples often put human ones to shame, for example gay penguin “power couple” Sphen and Magic, who recently celebrated their third anniversary at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium.

The gay penguin couple have two children together, after they hatched two chicks from eggs neglected by straight penguins. The fathers-of-two are now in their third breeding season together and have even moved house to a brand new nest.

Of all the species in the world, however, homophobia is found in just one.