Donald Trump compares ‘far-left gender theories’ to ‘child abuse’ in hate-filled rant

Former US president Donald Trump has claimed only a Republican-clogged Congress can end the “woke war on women and children”.

As usual, Trump sought to regain relevancy by dealing out potshots against the trans community, saying that trans women should not compete in women’s sports.

At a “Save America” rally Saturday (9 April), Trump delivered a speech that was a Republican bingo card of everything from “illegal immigration” to mail-in voting.

Insider reported that Trump told the Selma, North Carolina, crowd, that teaching “far-left gender theories” somehow amounts to “child abuse”.

“A Republican Congress must stand up for parental rights and parental choice. I think that’s a good idea,” he said. “No teacher should ever be allowed to teach far left gender theories to our children without parental consent.”

“It’s truly child abuse. Plain and simple.”

Donald Trump holds a rally sponsored by Save America. (Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Trump, who oversaw an administration that caused LGBT+ people mental distress, added that if the GOP ever controls Congress again “we will not, by the way, have men participating in women’s sports”.

Trans women kicking a ball or running for a few moments has become many right-wing legislators’ latest culture war.

Hundreds of state laws seeking to block trans girls and women from competing in school sports are in the dockets, according to policy tracker Freedom For All Americans.

“Last week, the Biden administration sent Congress a budget crammed with billions and billions of dollars of transgenderism and so-called equity provisions that are nothing more than government-sponsored racism,” Trump continued.

“The Republican Congress will end the woke war on women and children, we will stop illegal government discrimination, we will restore the sacred American principle of equality under the law.”

As Donald Trump fans the flames of anti-trans hatred, Democrats stress: ‘They’re just kids’

Joe Biden announced last month a $5.8 trillion budget proposal that includes a $10 million effort to improve LGBT+ representation in the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, a sprawling questionnaire that provides policy-makers with crucial data on American households.

“This data collection will help the federal government better serve the LGBTQI+ community by providing valuable information on their jobs, educational attainment, homeownership, and more,” the White House said.

Republican efforts to fan the flames of hatred by banning trans youth from sports or from life-saving healthcare have deeply frustrated Democratic lawmakers and LGBT+ groups.

Connecticut senator Chris Murphy delivered a striking speech on the Senate floor on Thursday evening stressing that “they’re just kids”.

“Here’s my message to the adults with power who are spending their days bullying these kids: Stop it. Grow up.”

“These kids threaten no one,” he added, “they are hurting no one.”