This app is here to help the gays get through Mercury retrograde in 2022

Mercury Retrograde is happening between 10 May and 2 June.

It’s happening! Mercury retrograde is just around the corner, so cue gay panic.

Both horoscopes and astrology are popular within the LGBT+ community, from birth charts to star sign compatibility, we can’t get enough of it.

But there’s also Mercury in retrograde, which turns everything on its head, and it’s happening for the second time this year, between 10 May and 3 June.

If you’re worried about snapping at the slightest inconvenience – your train is delayed or you’ve accidentally like an ex’s picture on social media –  then there’s an app that can help you through it.

The app, named Hint matches you with an expert astrologer who will guide you through the chaos of Mercury retrograde.

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Instead of blaming all of your problems on retrograde, the expert astrologer will help you flip the switch and make it work in your favour.

Horoscope and astrology fans can sign up to Hint at for £1/$1 for a seven-day trial, so if you sign up on 10 May you can get through the first week of retrograde.

After that you can continue your subscription and get 30 percent off using the code HINT22.

If you’re wondering what Mercury in retrograde actually is and what it supposedly affects, then you can find out more below.

What does retrograde actually mean?

Three to four times a year, Mercury goes “retrograde”. Although that makes it sound like Mercury is whizzing backwards, Mercury is still moving in the same direction it always does. What’s actually happening is that Mercury is overtaking Earth in its orbit around the Sun.

Planets move from East to West around the Sun, but during retrograde, Mercury appears to be moving backwards from West to East. Hence its title: Mercury in retrograde.

What does it affect?

In astrology, Mercury rules communication, intellect, transport and even daily routine. This means that when in retrograde, life can become a little more chaotic than usual. Anything from traffic jams, to awkward phone conversations, broken technology, or miscommunications via email or text.

Other believe it affects bigger things like relationships, with break-up’s possible due to all the over-thinking and communication issues. Some people won’t even sign any major contracts or documents until Mercury in retrograde is over.

How worried should I be?

You shouldn’t let it take over your thoughts and decisions as Mercury in retrograde is an opportunity to reflect and take a minute before you hit the reply button. We’re all so busy rushing around, sending emails, and communicating on so many channels that embracing a slower speed can feel like a welcome break.

If there is something that needs to be reassessed in your life, then it might just show up a little more during this phase, like a quiet nudge from the universe. We suggest you welcome the opportunity to slow down, indulge in some self-acknowledgement, and save that bulging inbox for another day.

When is Mercury retrograde 2022?

The first Mercury retrograde took place between 14 January and 5 February, so if you felt ‘off’ during that period, then that might explain why.

The second and third retrogrades in 2022 will take place on the following dates:

  • 10 May to 3 June
  • 10 September to 2 October

To sign up for a seven-day trial on Hint for $1 head to Plus you can get 30 percent off your subscription using the code Hint22.