Jesse Williams nude video leak is ‘appalling’ violation, says co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson

In the wake of a nude video of Jesse Williams being leaked on social media, Jesse Tyler Ferguson has hit out at the ‘appalling’ disrespect shown to his co-star.

NSFW images and videos of Jesse Williams appearing full-frontal in the play Take Me Out were posted online on Monday (9 May), in violation of a strict no phone policy at the Broadway theatre it is being staged at.

Ferguson, who stars in the play with Williams, called the leak violation in a statement on Twitter.

“I’m appalled by the disrespect shown to the actors of our company whose vulnerability on stage every night is crucial to Take Me Out,” he wrote.

He added: “Anyone who applauds or trivializes this behaviour has no place in the theatre which has always been a safe space for artists and audience members.”

The 46-year-old Modern Family actor said in a follow-up tweet that if anyone is coming to watch the play for the nudity, they will be disappointed.

Ferguson wrote: “And truly, if nudity is what you are coming for… you are in for a long boring night. It’s within a challenging two and a half hour play with big ideas, beautiful language and remarkable acting from a company of 11 actors that you will have to sit thru as well. You’ll be bored. Trust”

Jesse Williams talks getting nude

Jesse Williams has already expressed his thoughts about getting nude on stage in an interview on Watch What Happens Live.

“It’s a body, once you see it, you realise it’s whatever, it’s a boy,” he said during Tuesday night’s episode (10 May).

While social media has been thirsting over the images, the Actors Equity association have called the leak “sexual harassment and an appalling breach of consent.”

Second Stage Theatre also released a statement, which said: “It is deeply unfortunate that one audience member chose to disrespect the production, their fellow audience member and most importantly the cast in this matter.”

Despite the drama, the revival of the play Take Me Out has been met with rave reviews and has earned Jesse Williams and Ferguson Tony nominations for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play.