Fearless non-binary teen wins prom king in full drag: ‘I left everybody speechless’

Highschooler wins title of prom king while in drag at Indiana high school

An 18-year-old drag queen was named prom king at an Indiana school and left their classmates gagged.

Cristian Hernandez, who posts on TikTok under the user name hotboycristian, told NBC News that they “left everybody speechless” when they collected their crown and sash in a stunning black gown and long blond wig.

“Honestly, when I walked out there, I left everybody speechless,” said Hernandez, who is non-binary.

“I was just planning to do something really crazy for prom, and I thought, ‘Why not go in drag?’

“In my head I’m thinking, ‘I’m not going to win.’ I was just praying to the gay lords.”

After winning the title of prom king, Hernandez posted on TikTok with the caption: “King… Queen… Whatever you wanna call it, I’m still that b***h.”


king… queen… whatever you wanna call it im still that bitch #prom #promking #promqueen #drag #gay #LGBT #mothersday #queen #rupualsdragrace #makeup

♬ original sound – Cristian?

Hernandez added that they wanted to “inspire people to try and break down those barriers that have been put up” with their win.

When asked if they had a message for other LGBTQ+ students, they said: “Really be yourself, and confidence is key. You can’t let people tear you down.”

A trans student who was banned from running for prom king in 2019 was nominated instead as a “Royal Knight”, and won the title at the ceremony.

Dex Frier from Georgia, United States, came out in his sophomore year, was banned from running for prom king after he was nominated by his peers as he is not “legally male”. His family campaigned for him instead to run as Royal Knight, which he then won.

Frier told Yahoo Lifestyle at the time: “It felt amazing to be recognised for who I am – not who I am perceived to be.

“When I walked off stage, there were about 20 people crying hysterically for me.”

He added to NBC News: “I want to bring awareness to the fact that removing me from the king ballot and giving me the option to run as queen shouldn’t have been the way to fix this situation.”