Tory MP Nick Fletcher doubles down on claim that trans kids are just ‘going through a phase’

Tory MP Nick Fletcher speaks in Parliament

Tory MP Nick Fletcher has doubled down on his anti-trans view that trans kids are “going through a phase” after circulating a private letter to schools.

On Friday (17 June) it was reported that the MP for Don Valley called on headteachers in the area to clarify their positions on trans pupils, sharing his own anti-trans views in a letter.

“I believe that quite simply boys are boys and girls are girls,” the letter, obtained by the BBC, said.

Fletcher added that in his childhood, some girls were “tomboys” and some young boys “liked the company more of girls”.

His letter continued: “This in itself is nothing new. What is new is the way it is now viewed. It appears from the media that it is now seen by our children and young people that they may be or actually are transgender when it comes to feelings of being a boy or a girl.”

“I’m afraid [this is] affirming something that is nothing more than a phase.”

In response to the letter going public, the MP told the Doncaster Free Press that he “stands by his views”, but is “deeply regretful” if the letter caused any hurt.

Nick Fletcher said: “This was a private letter sent by me to the headteachers of all the schools in my constituency…

“I have kept away from social media on this subject as I understand the negativity that can come when discussing this issue.

“I am therefore deeply disappointed that these private letters have entered the public forum. I am deeply regretful if this has caused any upset as that was not my intention, but I stand by my views.”

In a joint statement, Doncaster Council cabinet members Rachael Blake and Lani-Mae Ball called the MP “entitled” for “wading in on how they [headteachers] should conduct their roles”.

They added: “Can we suggest that Mr Fletcher deals with the issues most affecting our communities and does the job he was elected to do and represent his constituents?”

In November 2021, Fletcher faced criticism for claiming that Jodie Whittaker’s role in Doctor Who has pushed young men into crime, complaining that there are no good “role models” for men in the media.

“Everywhere, not least within the cultural sphere, there seems to be a call from a tiny but very vocal minority that every male character or good role model must have a female replacement,” he said at a Westminster Hall debate about International Men’s Day.

“One only needs to look at the discussions around who will play the next James Bond. In recent years, we have seen Doctor WhoGhostbusters, Luke Skywalker – all replaced by women.

“Is it any wonder we see so many young men committing crimes?”