Amazon urged to bring back cult queer drama The Wilds after it’s cancelled: ‘I refuse to lose them’

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The Wilds has been cancelled after two seasons by Amazon Prime Video, and fans are fuming.

The young adult series followed a group of teenagers who survived a plane crash but were forced to live in the wilderness.

The ambitious, unique project drew a loyal fanbase, but never captured mainstream success.

Deadline broke the news that The Wilds had been cancelled on 28 July, and almost immediately, fans began rallying for the show.

Fans wept for Toni and Shelby, a queer couple whose relationship was left hanging in the balance at the end of season two.

“I REFUSE TO LOSE THEM, BRING THEM BACK TO ME,” wrote one fan, adding the hashtag #RenewTheWilds”, which soon began trending on Twitter.

One user said Toni and Shelby had “one of the most beautiful lesbian relationships I’ve seen on a show”, adding: “We had an out and proud lesbian, and a closeted lesbian and we got to see both of their stories merge and come together in a glorious way but we need to see their ending.”

The Wilds was praised throughout its run for including characters of different ethnicities and sexual orientations who weren’t relegated to supporting cast, but were protagonists in their own right.

Erana James played Toni, an out and proud Indigenous teen. The actor told The Advocate how she felt “so lucky to tell [Toni’s] story”.

“It’s not a story of someone coming out or coming to terms with their identity, but more that she fiercely knows who she is and she’s proud of that. She knows herself. And she’s not going to apologize for it,” James said.

“I think it’s beautiful being able to tell a story of love and loving someone whoever they are. And that’s the story that I’m lucky enough to tell.”

After the cancellation, fans noted how rare it is to see a queer Indigenous character on the screen,

“Canceling The Wilds means losing two Indigenous characters, played by Indigenous actresses, one who’s playing a queer young woman. this representation is so important,” one fan wrote.

Another demanded Amazon to “fix this mess”, tweeting: “It’s rare to have a female led show with a diverse cast AND queer, specially lesbian, representation. fix this mess. give us our show back.”

Some fans attempted to soothe their pain with humour, joking that Amazon made the decision because it is terrified of The Wilds fandom.

They‘re so scared of us it‘s hilarious #SaveTheWilds #RenewTheWilds

The Wilds is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.