Drag Race icon Yvie Oddly describes time on All Stars as ‘gruesome from the start’

Drag Race star Yvie Oddly wears a white, blue, red and yellow geometric patterned outler layer with another colourful layer of clothing below. Yvie's hair is styled in an updo

Drag Race icon Yvie Oddly opened up about her “pretty gruesome” journey on All Stars 7 and how the show’s final edits “lobotomised” her by cutting out her struggles. 

The self-proclaimed “Queen of the Queerdos” took to Instagram to share with fans exactly how she felt about seemingly-major chunks of her time in the werkroom being cut from the show’s final edit. 

Yvie wished fans could have “seen even a quarter of the REAL journey” the dynamic cast of queens “experienced together” instead of the “strategy bs”.

In a follow-up post, Yvie explained his experience was “pretty gruesome from the start” but very little of that made it through the final cut. By editing out her struggles, she felt like the show “lobotomised” her and made her out to be a “goofy big-d**ked mascot, bravely laughing” through her journey with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

“Going back I learned a lot about myself, as I was forced to question whether or not I fit into this specific world (even as a winner),” Yvie Oddly wrote. 

They continued: “But instead of showing ANY of that struggle (or really any reason for me to be there) I’ve been lobotomised and presented as some big-d**ked mascot, bravely laughing through my chronic illness, happy to be along for the ride.”

Screenshots taken from Yvie Oddly's instagram of her opening up about how her journey on All Stars 7 was depicted. One post is in hot pink while the other in on a background. THere is also a picture of Yvie in the corner

Yvie said the “only part” of her true journey depicted on All Stars 7 was how the other queens were her “rock in this competition”. (Instagram/@oddlyyvie)

Yvie said the “only part” of her truth that was shown was how the All Stars 7 queens were her “rock in this competition”. She was also “truly thankful” to once again share her “art” with fans. 

Yvie is known for his over-the-top personality, intense stage presence, acrobatic performances and out-of-this-world fashion. The killer combo saw the drag artist claim the top title on Drag Race season 11 and return years later with gusto for the all-winners season. 

All Stars 7 hosted a bevvy of talented performers from across the globe and various Drag Race spin-offs. After weeks of intense battling, Jinkx Monsoon was declared the ​​queen of all queens and shared her crowning moment with fans in an emotional video on social media.

In July, Yvie Oddly reflected on the impact living with EDS has on their body after the All Stars 7 talent show episode. Yvie felt their “body deteriorating” “more rapidly” the longer they lived with EDS, and they said it had “taken some great reconciliation with the inevitable” as they watched their performances on stage. 

“When I was competing on s11 [season 11] I was really just beginning to feel the effects of EDS on my body, but going back on three years later the struggle was every day and INTENSE,” Yvie wrote on Twitter

“Those days are long and the time for recuperation and in between is more of an idea than a reality, so by this point in the competition I was far beyond the peak of my physical capabilities/energy output.”

Yvie Oddly explained the syndrome, which impacts the connective tissue in the body, impacted her ability to perform her favourite trick – a “full on no-hands-a**-backflip”. She said the last one she ever attempted was for the “first taping” of her talent performance on All Stars 7, but it ended with her landing incorrectly.

“The last one I ever attempted was for the first taping of my performance,” she wrote. “I had even less energy to spare and landed on my neck/shoulder/head in front of RuPaul, so at least I had the pleasure of giving her a heart attack.”