Never Have I Ever star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan reveals her favourite skincare and beauty hacks

Never Have I Ever star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan shares her skincare routine hack.

Never Have I Ever star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan has revealed her favourite skincare hack ahead of the show’s return.

The breakout star of the hit Netflix comedy has shared her skincare and makeup routine in a new “Beauty Secrets” video for Vogue.

The actor will return to our screens on 12 August for the third season of the hit Netflix series.

This time round viewers will see Devi, played by Ramakrishnan, continue to deal with the everyday pressures of high school and drama at home, while navigating new romantic relationships.

The series also features a number of LGBTQ+ characters, including Devi’s best friend, Fabiola and her classmate, Jonah.

Ahead of its release, Ramakrishnan has taken fans through her daily routine, so they can replicate her look.

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She starts off with her face wash hack, using Éminence Organics Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser, but before she washes her face, she makes sure to mix in an oil cleanser, the Stone Crop Cleansing Oil, also from Éminence Organics.

She says: “I like to do two things at once.”

To cleanse, the star uses the Ezbasics Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush and explains the importance of washing your face, especially when you’re wearing TV makeup – which she says is heavier than your everyday makeup.

She then uses Epicutis Lipid Serum and Epicutis Hyvia Crème for moisturization, and tops that off with Supergoop! Glowscreen Sunscreen SPF 40.

When applying her makeup she explains: “It’s so important to me that my skin stays my skin. I don’t want to have a white cast over my face.”

She creates another mixture when it comes to foundation and concealer due to the struggles of finding the perfect shade match as a woman of colour.

Maitreyi mixes the Pur 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Longwear Foundation/Concealer with Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation.

The actor also shares the importance of proper lighting for people of colour on television sets, because a bad lighting job can ruin a makeup look.

But she says this is a priority for the show’s boss, Mindy Kaling, adding: “I don’t know if I could’ve asked for a better first boss. She truly has my back and I always feel so safe with her.”

Never Have I Ever star says lack of ‘token gay’ send ‘powerful message’

The Netflix how has been praised for its diversity and LGBT-inclusion, including by Dino Petrera, who plays Devi’s flamboyant and gossip-mongering gay classmate Jonah.

Jonah is pursued by Devi in the first season of Never Have I Ever, even though she knows he’s gay, but later becomes the confidante of one of Devi’s best friends, Fabiola, after she comes out as a lesbian.

Petrera told told Advocate: “My nephew just came out as trans a few months ago, so for him to see that there’s just not a token gay character in the series sends a very powerful message.

“He’s at the other end of the country, so sometimes it’s hard for us to stay in touch as much as we’d like.

“But having him see me and others on-screen gives him great insight and is allowing us to have much stronger conversations.”

Petrera continued: “The show is a perfect catalyst for opening up dialogue and for exhibiting that you can create support systems for someone so that they can make the most out of their time on this planet.

“I think those are some of the most important messages of this remarkable series.”