Madonna furiously makes out with Weird Al in trailer for chaotic new Daniel Radcliffe film

Pictures of Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna and Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al with their real-life counterparts

The weird just got weirder with the trailer for Daniel Radcliffe’s Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, starring Evan Rachel Wood as a young Madonna. 

The biopic tells the definitely factually accurate story of pop parody sensation Weird Al Yankovic and his fascinating rise to stardom in the ’80s.

Radcliffe works the classic “Weird Al” look with a mane of thick curls, glasses and a caterpillar moustache to boot, while Wood bursts onto screen as a ball of energy as the Material Girl.

From the trailer, the completely bizarre combination of Madonna and Weird Al already looks to be a delight with the most chaotic interactions. 

We first see Madonna ask Weird Al if he plans to parody any of her songs, such as “Like A Virgin”.

Weird Al asks: “I’m curious, is that song autobiographical?”

“Yes,” Madonna replies, “except for the fact that I’ve had a lot of sex” – cut to a furiously passionate making-out scene.

Weird Al’s actual “Like A Virgin” parody, “Like A Surgeon”, was released in 1985 to rave reviews. 

We then follow their torrid relationship as Madonna introduces Weird Al to the toxic and destructive side of super stardom and we see his life spiral out of control.

The film, which in true Weird Al style aims to be a parody biopic, has already found a very excited fanbase and a swathe of people trying to figure out if Weird Al and Madonna were actually a thing.

“Making a parody of a rock biopic for the Weird Al story (and inserting Madonna into it!) is actually kind of genius,” one person wrote.
While another, rightly, added: “Weird Al Yankovic and Like A Virgin era Madonna is the only celebrity relationship I care about anymore.”

And then there are all the people completely in awe of Radcliffe’s post Harry Potter career, and his determination to take on the weirdest and wildest roles out there.

Fans think Radcliffe is perfect for the Weird Al role – and even Weird Al himself agrees, saying the actor is “absolutely going to kill this”.

The film will be released on Roku Channel on November 4 and one person said, “this will be, without exaggeration, the single greatest event in history.”