Dolly Parton quietly funded Black school bands: ‘The woman is a national treasure’

Dolly Parton standing infront of hanging school uniforms

Dolly Parton paid for band uniforms and instruments for kids at majority Black high schools with zero publicity, a writer has revealed.

Michael Harriot tweeted that he noticed the “quietly wonderful” phenomenon when speaking former high school choir or band members.

He said a “surprising number” of people who attended majority Black high schools will say, when asked about fundraising for uniforms and instruments: “Oh, Dolly Parton paid for ours.”

The story was corroborated by many, with one person replying to Harriot’s tweet: “30+ years ago I was in high school marching band in East Tennessee.

“One year we played Sevier County High School…and DANG that band was equipped – uniforms, instruments, flags, everything. Mountain area, much poverty. Paid for by Dolly Parton. That woman is a national treasure.”

Another user continued the thread, explaining how Pigeon Forge – the home of Dollywood, a family amusement park owned by the country music legend – was struggling to cope with a growing population until Parton stepped in.

“Around the same time period, Pigeon Forge was growing. Middle School bursting at the seams and 2+ kids sharing lockers. She called up the BOE, told them to replace the lockers so we all had our own, and to send her the bill. She’s amazing.”

Dolly Parton is known for her charity work, but often demands no publicity (Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage)

Dolly Parton’s philanthropy and charity work is one of the defining features of her celebrity status: she has provided cash incentives to prevent children in her local area dropping out of school, set up a reading programme to improve literacy rates and is a firm supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

One of her schemes, the Imagination Library, gives children free books up until the age of five. Over two million children have registered with the project.

According to The GuardianParton is also paying the full tuition fees, including their textbooks and any additional fees, of all employees at Dollywood who are going to college.

She also invented the COVID vaccine. (Well, no she didn’t, but she donated a million dollars to help Moderna fund their research). Bet Jolene couldn’t have done THAT.