Lauren Boebert mocked for ‘Yass queen’ tweet to Dolly Parton: ‘She hates you’

Dolly Parton and Lauren Boebert

Anti-drag congresswoman Lauren Boebert has been hit with backlash over a recent tribute to LGBTQ+ icon Dolly Parton.

The Colorado Republican representative took to X on 23 November to tag Parton in a tweet saying “Yass queen”.

Her tweet followed the singer’s halftime performance at the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Commanders game. 

Parton’s performance saw her sing some of her most-loved hits, including “Jolene” and “9 to 5”, while wearing an iconic Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costume following releasing her new album, Rockstar, on 17 November. 

According to CBS, the generous country singer donated $1 million to the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign ahead of her halftime performance. 

On X, users were quick to call out Boebert for praising Parton, as the country music legend has been, and continues to be, an overt supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. 

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In November, Parton slightly eased up on her no-politics rule to speak about her home state of Tennessee and its hurtful anti-trans laws.

The country singer has also spoke openly about wanting Christian homophobes to stop shaming gays and instead be “more loving”. 

Boebert, who has supported numerous anti-LGBTQ+ amendments and recently deliberately misgendered a transgender US veteran, saw her tweet bombarded with backlash.

One person commented “her name out of your mouth is blasphemy,” while another wrote “I don’t think that Lauren Boebert knows that Dolly Parton highly dislikes her,” and someone else claimed “she hates you”. 

Another wrote that the Republican doesn’t understand the phrase “Yass queen” and should keep it out of her “nasty” mouth. 

The now-popular term originated in the 1980s among the queer black community who took part in the ballroom scene. 

Others posted in response to Boebert’s tweet highlighting the hurt she has caused the LGBTQ+ community while Parton is a much-loved ally. 

And while Boebert has openly campaigned against drag performances, arguing that they expose children to explicit and lewd acts and “sexualise” public spaces, she it was found spent hundreds of dollars worth of campaign money at an LGBTQ+ bar.

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