Drag Race UK fans ‘heartbroken’ after shock elimination: ‘What a bizarre result’

Michelle on the Drag Race mainstage in front of a large light umbrella

Drag Race UK has whittled its contestants down to a top five as the queens enter the competitions home stretch.

This week’s episode featured the first makeover challenge on Drag Race UK since Cheryl Hole sashayed away in season one, a devastating elimination that fans are not pleased with, and Michelle Visage as the main judge for the first time ever.

Boy George, Graham Norton and Raven made up the rest of the panel.

The makeover challenge is one that first appeared way back on season one of the American franchise. It sees queens give a guest a ‘drag makeover’, in a look which must incorporate a strong ‘family resemblance’.

But after this episode’s judging – we’re still not sure what that means.

A distinct highlight of the episode was the fact that queens were making over members of the production cast, the ‘Queen Team’, staff assigned to look after them during filming. Fans have loved all six members, with distinct praise falling on “mother hen” and immediate gay icon, Wendy.

As the episode starts, the remaining queens enter the werkroom to discuss Le Fil’s elimination and reflect on their status as top six of Drag Race UK season four.

The shade is ramping up as the weeks go by, with Pixie Polite calling Le Fil’s elimination lipsync “peculiar” and “like there was a hurricane at Glastonbury”.

Black Peppa, after surviving her second time in the bottom two, points out that the cast all has different strengths, to which Danny Beard replies: “Yours is lipsyncing.”

Jonbers Blonde then asks: “What’s mine, I haven’t won a badge”, to which Pixie replies: “Yours is coasting.”

Like we said – shade.

The next day, Dakota reveals that she didn’t see herself in the top six (“Dakota, self-doubt?) – but that her feeling of positivity isn’t forced. Pixie then says: “Well that’s good, because you can end on a high”. Miss Pixie Polite is NOT giving polite this episode.

The maxi-challenge is revealed by Ru as the makeover challenge, with six members of the gorgeous Queen Team – Fleur, Gemma, Lucie, Mystique, Olivia and Wendy – ready to strap on their heels and glue down their brows.

Peppa is paired with Fleur, Cheddar with Gemma, Danny with Mystique, Dakota with Lucie, Jonbers with Olivia and Pixie with Wendy.

The queens all have walk-throughs with Raven before the runway; Wendy even says she “wears heels out, [I] went to a funeral last week”. We love this woman.

Other werkroom sticking points include Danny Beard’s partner, Mystique, being hesitant to wear a beard. She’s not called Danny Cleanshaven, Mystique!

Black Peppa and her partner Fleur have an incredibly emotional chat about their coming out stories; Peppa reveals her traumatic experiences growing up in St. Martin in a severely religious family.

“I didn’t feel the love from my family. I had to find the love within myself,” the queen said, revealing that she was outed to her father after being seen at a gay club.

She then left her hometown and got a scholarship to Coventry University (to study biomedical science, no less). It’s one of those moment where Drag Race UK forces viewers to sit with the reality for lots of queer people around the world.


The pairs walk the runway in six makeover looks, to varying success, and following the critiques, it looks like anyone could be in the bottom apart from Danny and Cheddar (who won last week’s episode), and there’s even more shade in Untucked.

Pixie calls out Jonbers, saying: “I don’t know what this says about you”.

Cheddar joins in, saying that although she changes her runways every time, she includes a signature ‘Cheddar’ flair.

Jonbers says: “If you think that gold leaf is what makes your drag, that’s lovely to think that, darling”.

Miss (not so) Polite puts the final nail in the coffin, saying that: “You could tell this was a Danny look [gesturing to Danny], you could tell this was a Danny look [gesturing to Peppa]”. The werkroom is getting HAWT.

As ever, Twitter has had some thoughts to share about the lewks and critiques this week.

The queen return; Cheddar snags her second win in a row and the Queen Team also receive a RuPeter badge each. R.I.P, Cheryl Hole and Jonbers Blonde.

The bottom two are announced as Dakota and Pixie Polite. They lipsync to “Miss Me Blind” by Culture Club and Dakota is – shockingly – sent home.

This was when Drag Race UK fans really lost their minds, showing both an outpouring of love for Dakota and an outrage at her elimination.