Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega sparks frenzy with lesbian flag: ‘Sorry to end hope’

Was Jenna Ortega waving at a lesbian flag?

Wednesday‘s Jenna Ortega has sent the internet into a frenzy after a video of her supposedly excitedly pointing at a lesbian flag, and then herself, went viral.

The video was taken from the 2022 CCXP (Comic Con Experience) which took place in Brazil over the weekend, which included a Wednesday panel.

In the viral clip, someone is seen waving the lesbian flag as Ortega walks by, and she turns and points and waves excitedly before pointing at herself.

But other videos, shot from different viewpoints, suggest that this wasn’t actually the case.

The caption on the original video reads: “WAIT????!!” and was followed up by saying: “I honestly don’t care about her sexuality as long as she’s happy, we love you Jenna.”

Fans began sharing their excitement, particularly as this comes off the back of many eager LGBTQ+ fans hoping for a queer romance between Wednesday (Ortega) and her room mate Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers) next season.

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However, since the video has started circulating countering evidence that Ortega was, in fact, not pointing to the lesbian flag, has appeared.

A twitter user named Biel who was in the crowd that day has said Ortega was actually waving and pointing at her cosplay of Wednesday.

“People sorry to end hope lol but she was looking at me,” they tweeted, saying that they were dressed as Wednesday and are “giant”.

“I’m 1.93 [metres] lol she said my cosplay was ‘just like her’ I was on the railing next to the girl with the flag,” they concluded.

Alongside the claims were several videos of the same moment from different angles which tend to back up the story with Ortega’s eye line.

PinkNews have reached out for comment.

And many have agreed with this version of events, agreeing she is clearly not looking or pointing to the flag.

Although it is looking unlikely that Ortega was referring to the lesbian flag, it did spark discourse in the comments about how appropriate the speculation was.

“You can clearly see she was looking at someone else,” one person wrote, “I don’t know but if people keep doing this she might feel uncomfortable, let’s hope she’s not.”

While others have pointed to the unfortunate forced outing of Kit Connor after huge online pressure and urged people to not repeat past mistakes when it comes to people’s sexuality.

As one person put it, even if she was pointing at the lesbian flag: “She could also just be saying she supports it.”

Of course, Jenna Ortega is a lesbian stan.

Back in 2020 she tweeted “lesbian rights” and recently when asked why Wednesday is seen as a gay icon, she told Gayety: “I think because she’s a badass. She’s cool, she’s got a nice sense of style, but she’s somebody who embraces her differences and isn’t out to please anybody.

“I feel like that’s a really, really powerful thing to see. I feel like people want to see powerful women with powerful women.”

Of course, unless Jenna Ortega herself speaks out we cannot be 100% certain of what went down but for now it seems to be a case of bad camera angles, sorry lesbians!

Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.