Jenna Ortega floors fans with steamy lesbian kissing scene: “she did WHAT??”

Jenna Ortega pictured at an event

Jenna Ortega’s lesbian kissing scene in the recently released movie Miller’s Girl went viral on Twitter/X this weekend (3 and 4 February), with users reacting to the steamy clip en masse.

The footage shows Wednesday star Jenna Ortega locking lips with co-star Gideon Adlon in the movie – a 2024 black comedy drama about a creative writer teacher and pupil written and directed by Jade Halley Bartlett.

In Miller’s Girl, Ortega plays the role of Cairo Sweet, a young, precocious student who falls into a complex and controversial relationship with her teacher, Jonathan Miller (Martin Freeman).

In the scene, Ortega and Adlon exchange smiles, with Ortega inquiring if Adlon is “ready?”. The two of them then move closer, eventually leading to an intense kiss.

Jenna Ortega has gained a huge fanbase in recent years after starring as the titular terrible teen Wednesday in the Addams Family spin-off that followed the youngest member of the murderous clan as she attends Nevermore Academy and deals with all the trials of growing up – all while solving a murder.

Many eager LGBTQ+ fans were particularly hopeful that a queer romance would form between Wednesday (Ortega) and her room mate Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers), but so far that’s failed to materialise.

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Jenna Ortega has herself sparked ‘lesbian’ rumours after a video of her supposedly excitedly pointing at a lesbian flag, and then herself, went viral. The video was taken from the 2022 CCXP (Comic Con Experience) which took place in Brazil in 2022.

However, the clip was subsequently debunked, with a Twitter user named Biel – who was in the crowd that day – saying that Ortega was actually waving and pointing at her cosplay of Wednesday.

This apparent hunger for anything both Jenna Ortega and lesbian-related might explain why the clip of Miller’s Girl, released in cinemas on 26 January 2024, went viral when it was tweeted out by an account called SWB on 3 February.

The tweet, captioned “Jenna Ortega did WHAT??” has since been retweeted 11,000 times and seen by around 30 million users.

However, the lesbian kiss isn’t the only scene from Miller’s Girl doing the rounds on the platform. A second, sexually charged scene featuring Ortega and her teacher, played by Martin Freeman, was also being shared.

In amongst the scores of (incredibly thirsty) replies to both clips, there were also a few voices criticising the overwhelmingly horny response on the platform: not least due to Ortega’s age (21) and young fan demographic.

One user tweeted: “Jenna Ortega trending for doing a risqué scene in a movie? Where were y’all when X came out? Seriously, quit tearing your shirts open like cavemen and drink a glass of water.”

Other people simply said that the scene with Ortega and her teacher made them “uncomfortable”.

Whether the viral clips will boost the film’s box office success remains to be seen: on the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes only 35% of reviews are positive, with an average rating of 5.3/10. The website’s round-up reads: “Despite a pair of talented stars and a central concept with a certain amount of real-world relevance, the narratively superficial Miller’s Girl rings hollow.”

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