Bar hit by gunfire just days before drag queen story time event

A photo showing the window of a bar in Seattle that had been shot. The glass is splintered and there is a sign stuck on the window just below the point of entry that says: "What intolerance looks like"

A bar in Seattle has been hit by gunfire, just days before a planned protest by a right-wing group against a drag queen story time event.

The incident happened on Wednesday, 7 December at The Brewmaster’s Taproom in Renton, Washington state.

It came just days before the Conservative organisation “Wake Up WA State” had scheduled to protest against the venue’s Drag Queen Story Hour and bingo night. 

Following the attack, which occurred at around midday and saw a single gunshot hit the pub’s window, Wake Up WA State removed the hateful posts from its Facebook page.

Marley Rall, Brewmaster’s owner, said she was working from home and was alerted to the attack by an employee who witnessed it. 

The LGBTQ+ ally claimed the assailant had removed the license plates from the silver four-door sedan and was wearing a mask and gloves. 

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“We believe it has to do with the people who are upset about our Drag Queen Story Time.

“We would like you to know we are still going to have drag queen storytime. But we also want to be transparent with parents. Renton PD is aware and has set up cameras,” Rall posted on Facebook.

Many commenters took to showing support for the venue by confirming they would attend the event on Saturday. 

“Hatred isn’t pretty. Hang in there. A lot of us will be there to support you! Grateful for your inclusion of all people,” one supporter wrote. 

Another said: “Thank you so much, for having the courage to stand against hate.”

Rall shared on Facebook a day before the attack that the venue was “aware of the chatter and threats”.

“Every month we get emails and phone calls about our Drag Queen Storytime. Never have we had issues, but this time feels different.”

She said on Monday night (5 November) a woman had posted on the Taproom’s newsletter writing “this is disgusting”, and “you’re f*****g groomers and you’re pedophiles”.

Rall was also alerted to a Wake-Up WA State protest flyer which had been shared by advocacy group LGBTQIA+ Renton and a local councilwoman. 

The planned protest had been discussed on Reddit, with one commenter suggesting shooting up a transformer to deprive Brewmasters of power during the event, LGBTQ Nation reported. 

Rall said she took a screenshot of the comment and following the shooting Wake Up WA State removed any reference of the protest from their Facebook page. 

A group organiser, Justine Andrina, posted on Facebook: “Wake Up WA State is shutting its pages down at least for now.

“We talked about it a lot and made this decision because the people running the groups are putting themselves at risk at this point and the benefit is outweighing the risks.”

The organiser of the group shut down the Facebook page. (Credit: Facebook / Meta)

A deleted post archived by the taproom’s supporter showed Andrina announcing the “plug on Saturday” had been pulled due to “some recent developments” after someone shot at the venue. 

“I don’t know if it was a false flag or a patriot who got too hotheaded. 

“Either way, it now seems like a major security issue and since children will be present, we made the decision to cancel. If you are able to make a note of that on Wake Up WA FB, it would be appreciated. Thanks

“Whoever did this to Brewmasters,” Andrina added, “you’re sick in the head”.

The pub’s monthly Drag Queen Storytime and Rainbow Bingo event is held every second Saturday monthly.

It follows Anderson Lee Aldrich being accused of shooting in Club Q on 19 November – killing two bartenders and three customers, with at least 25 others injured.

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