FYI, one of the funniest lines in The White Lotus season two was completely improvised

A still from HBO's The White Lotus shows actor Sabrina Impacciatore as Valentina dressed in a cream suit jacket and pink shirt standing behind a reception desk holding some papers.

Sabrina Impacciatore, who played hotel manager Valentina in the recently concluded second season of The White Lotus, has revealed that the iconic ‘Peppa Pig’ line was actually improvised.

During the scene, Impacciatore has a hilarious exchange with Jennifer Coolidge’s eccentric and wealthy socialite Tanya, the latter of whom is dressed in head-to-toe pink to look like Monica Vitti, complete with headscarf and large black sunglasses.

“Guess who I am. Watch, watch,” says Tanya before taking a theatrical drag of her cigarette.

Valentina then wittily replies: “Uh… Beppa Peeg?” (Peppa Pig in an Italian accent).

In a now-viral tiktok by @accesshollywood, Impacciatore revealed that she came up with the line on the spot after being told by creator Mike White that she could improvise.

“Mike [White] said, ‘Hey guys, you can improvise if you want in this scene.’ It was like my third day of shooting and I was so intimidated by Jennifer. To me she is a goddess, she is a genius, and I just wanted to lay down and worship her.

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“And I said ‘Peppa Pig’… She could not stop laughing.”


#SabrinaImpacciatore AKA Valentina was shook to find out her Peppa Pig line made it into #WhiteLotus

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Sabrina, we couldn’t stop laughing either – and neither can viewers of the TikTok or the show.

“That Peppa Pig line is one of the best comedic moments in the show,” one user wrote.

Model Emily Ratajkowski even added her own praise for Impacciatore in The White Lotus on the video, saying “I love her”.

“I love that Tanya takes a rip of her cig first like that’s so peppa”, another added.

The interview on TikTok is the first time Impacciatore found out that the line had made it into the show: “I was wondering, are they going to put this in the scene? Because she didn’t know this Peppa Pig,” the actress clarified.

Valentina – Impacciatore’s character – also went through a “life-changing” queer epiphany after having a brief tryst with performer Mia.

The White Lotus recently ended with a suitable amount of drama and a “derpy” death for Tanya – though, surprisingly, less nudity than we’ve come to expect over the course of the series.

Creator Mike White has already hinted that The White Lotus could go to Asia for its third season for a “satirical” look at “spirituality” and Eastern cultures. Unfortunately, Coolidge/Tanya Peppa Pig will not be joining us, because “These gays are trying to murder [her]”, and they succeeded – sort of.