Yellowstone breaks bigots’ hearts after showing its first lesbian kiss: ‘The woke agenda!’

Still from TV series Yellowstone showing actor Lilli Kay as Clara wearing a denim jacket and jeans kissing a woman wearing a black coat, white shirt and white cowboy hat

Conservative fans of the hit Western drama Yellowstone are furious after the latest episode show featured a tender kiss between two female characters.

The show follows the Dutton family, owners of the largest cattle ranch in the United States (‘The Yellowstone’), and their ongoing conflicts with land developers, the bordering Broken Rock Indian Reservation and America’s first national park.

In the seventh episode of season five, a same-sex kiss occurs during a scene at the Montana State Fair after John Dutton (Kevin Costner) – the family’s patriarch and new Montana Governor – is told by his environmental advisor, Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo), that they shouldn’t be schmoozing (technical term) in public.

Dutton then quips: “My press advisor’s behind me, making out.” We then see new cast member Clara (Lilli Kay) getting her cowgirl smooch on with a woman with a surprisingly large belt buckle.

This is not the first LGBTQ+ character introduced on the show, but it is the first example of an on-screen lesbian romance.

However, not every viewer has been happy with the inclusion – and unsurprisingly, when we say “everyone”, we mean conservative ‘anti-woke’ viewers.

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Conservative commentator Aubrey Huff, whose Twitter bio describes them as a “proud father, anti-vaxxer” who believes in “God, free speech, America, guns, whiskey, & toxic masculinity”, had this to say.

Other viewers have disappointingly joined in, saying that show’s ‘leftward’ turn “was nice while it lasted”, while some branded the kiss as “gratuitous” and recycled the tired concept that LGBTQ+ representation is being continually forced upon viewers.

“I don’t have a problem with two women who want to kiss each other but why do you have to shove it in your face? What a turn off,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another came up with an incredibly inventive hashtag #Yellownostone to attempt to boycott the “little woke soap opera”. It doesn’t quite have a #FreeBritney ring to it, but we’re sure it’ll catch on.

The scene even generated this remarkable exchange, in which a woman implied she would warn her overseas husband of the exact timestamp Yellowstone “goes gay” so as to save his poor soul from having to see two women kiss.

One woman even asserted that the show has been “woke” from the start, declaring: “Season 1 episode 1 because the show has been very obviously about its ideologies from the start. If you think it is “woke” suddenly then you were simply not paying attention”.

An incredible claim for a show that gave us one woman beating the s**t out of another because the latter was vegan.

Huff’s original claim did give us this Brokeback Mountain version of the tweet, which is objectively funny given that that gay cowboy film was released 17 years ago.

It’s worth pointing out that the kiss was not a ten-minute-long sex scene, nor did it exist to move the plot forward in any way. The queerness just it simply existed.

Objectively, there’s not much that’s more homoerotic than cowboys, so we’re not sure what these viewers were expecting.