Trailblazing politician Zooey Zephyr sworn in as Montana’s first trans lawmaker

Zooey Zephyr

Zooey Zephyr, Montana’s first ever trans representative, has made history by being sworn into legislature — and will be sharing her experience in the role on TikTok.

On Monday (2 January), Zephyr took the Oath of Office to uphold the constitution during a group swearing-in on the House Floor. 

In a bid to connect the public to her work as a state legislature, the trailblazing lawmaker has promised to share a diary of her day-to-day work on social media.

To mark her first day at the US Capitol she posted a diary entry showing her taking the oath. 

“Day one of 90 is done. Probably the easiest day I’ll have in the legislature,” she told followers, as she looked ahead to her new role as a Montana lawmaker.

Zephyr described being sworn in as “lovely”, and shared how after the ceremony she met fellow representatives and their families.

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Zooey ended the video with insight into how she’ll spend her next 89 days in the role, spending an evening reading bills that will be considered by her, and her fellow Montana lawmakers, during committee meetings.


Day 1 of 90 is in the books. Looking forward to getting to work for the state of Montana and everyone who calls it home. #mtleg #mtpol #trans #politics #transrights

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Followers of Zephyr’s have commented under her first diary entry on Twitter, with many congratulating her and expressing how “proud” they are of her and promising to follow her journey. 

One wrote: “I’m so proud of you, I hope the next 89 days are the best days of your life. Along with continuing to inspire others.” 

“I’m so excited for you and those relying on you to work for them,” a commenter shared on TikTok.

LGBTQ+ activist, and Zooey’s partner, Erin Reed, also praised the lawmaker in a Tweet: “Her presence will secure representation for trans people in the place where laws are made in one of the states where the battle for rights and dignity will be hardest.”

Zephyr won the election for Montana’s 100th state house district in November last year, when she became the first trans person elected to the state legislature in history.

At the time of her win, Mayor Annise Parker, president and CEO of LGBTQ Victory Fund, called Zooey Zephyr’s win “resounding” for Montana and trans people across the US. 

Zooey Zephyr
Montana state representative Zooey Zephyr. (Zooey Zephyr/Twitter)

“Zooey courageously ran despite this divisiveness and her win is a deafening rebuke to hate. We are confident she will be a skilled, powerful legislator and an inspiration for trans people across the country,” Parker said.

The LGBTQ+ Victory Fund – a US political action committee – works to increase the number of openly LGBTQ+ public officials in the country. 

Zephyr’s presence has already brought hope to others, and shortly after being elected she shared a heartwarming encounter on Twitter proving why trans visibility in state legislature is so important. 

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