Algerian authorities launch pathetic anti-rainbow campaign in bid to ban Pride flags

Officials in Algeria, where homosexuality is illegal, are attempting to stop any use of the Pride flag, according to footage shared online.

Video shared on both Twitter and Reddit depicts the police and other officials handing out information pamphlets to the public about LGBTQ+ flags and symbols.

A large crowd can be seen gathered around two uniformed officers who are addressing the group about the multi-coloured images. 

The papers appear to contain information about the difference between a rainbow – which has seven colours – and a traditional rainbow Pride flag, which has six. 

As well as this, the handout showcases images of other flags and symbols related to LGBTQ+ identities, such as the transgender flag, asexual flag and Progress Pride flag. 

The words ‘I’m a Muslim and these flags and symbols don’t represent me’ are also printed above the images, reports Middle East news site, Al Bawaba.

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The anti-rainbow campaign by Algerian authorities has seen officials ask consumers in the country to boycott items which carry rainbow colours or flags, as they are believed to be against the values of Algeria and Islam, Al Bawaba reports. 

Homosexuality is currently illegal in the African nation, with people who are found guilty of same-sex acts facing up to three years in prison and a fine of up to 10,000 Algerian dinars (approximately £60 or $75). 

LGBTQ+ Algerians also face extreme prejudice and social stigma within their community and from family and friends.

As PinkNews reported in 2020, an Algerian court sentenced more than 40 people to prison for attending a “gay wedding” while a gay asylum seeker in the UK faced death threats from homophobic family members. 

A photo shows a close-up of Kenyan LGBTQ+ activist Edwin Chiloba wearing rainbow and glitter makeup with his hand behind his head
Edwin Chiloba was murdered last week in Kenya. (AFP/Getty Images/Lawrence Leteipa)

This anti-LGBTQ+ campaign comes a week after the mutilated body of 25-year-old LGBTQ+ activist and fashion designer Edwin Chiloba was found on the roadside inside a metal box near Eldoret, Kenya. 

His tragic death was met with outrage across the world, with many calling for swift action by the police. 

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