LGBT+ Conservatives hand out free condoms in parliament and they’re as sexy as you might imagine

An image of a condom with the Conservative Party logo edited onto it.

The Conservatives have brought back their branded condoms, despite reports they’d been hastily axed, and are being given away to members.

Members of the LGBT+ Conservatives group reportedly handed out the condoms during this week’s LGBT+ Conservative Conference at Parliament.

Slogans include “the honourable member” and “Labour isn’t working… but this condom will (99 per cent of the time)”. 

Some of the condoms honoured openly LGBTQ+ Tory politicians, such as Gary Sambrook (‘Strap it for Sambrook’), Nick Rogers (‘Roger for Nick’) and Andrew Boff (‘Boff – Safely’).

Photos of the condoms were shared online by a BBC journalist.

The Conservative condoms are named “Never kissed a Tory but I’ve had safe sex with one” and were due to launch at the Conservative Party Conference 2022 in October. 

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LGBT+ Conservatives said the condoms will help people have “Priti safe sex”, but former prime minister, Liz Truss, reportedly put a stop to the branded contraception.

The party announced on 22 September last year that it would no longer be distributing its sloganed condoms at the party’s conference. 

Emails seen by PinkNews suggest the group was asked to withdraw the condoms by Liz Truss.

In an email exchange, LGBT+ Conservatives chair Elena Bunbury wrote that they were withdrawn to avoid promoting a “sexual” image of the party in the wake of the Chris Pincher scandal – who was investigated for two alleged incidents of sexual assault.

Bunbury’s email was sent to PinkNews alongside screenshots of three other emails sent by LGBT+ Conservatives members on the issue. One of the excuses for pulling the merchandise was due to the Queen’s death. 

In this illustration, the faces of Liz Truss and Rishi Sunk are printed on a condom wrapper
Tory-themed condoms. (Getty Images)

Not only have the Conservative party previously flopped on handing out condoms, under Boris Johnson’s premiership some of the unwanted climaxes have included scrapping life-saving reforms to the Gender Recognition Act and excluding trans people from a conversion therapy ban.

In a move that has increased hostility between the LGBTQ+ community and Conservatives, Rishi Sunak appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored and parroted several anti-trans talking points, including declaring that a woman is an “adult human female” and that “biological sex matters”. 

“I know what a woman is: an adult human female,” Sunak said, a definition often used by so-called “gender critical” people.