5 of the most in-demand careers that’ll have employers snapping you up in 2023

A woman is inspecting a piece of machinery. Next to her is a man looking at the camera.

Even during an economic downturn, many industries still need new employees, meaning many careers remain in demand in the UK in 2023.

As Gen Z enters the workforce, many are asking themselves which type of career will benefit them financially and match their ethics, morals and purpose. For those already working, mass redundancies in the tech sector and a less-than-rosy economic outlook are inspiring thousands of professionals to re-think their careers. 

PinkNews went through the data compiled by job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed to highlight the roles with the need for new employees. So here are five of the most in-demand careers in the UK.


A black healthcare worker poses with a female doctor.
The need for healthcare professionals is greater than ever. (Getty Images/PinkNews)

There are many reasons why the NHS in the UK is struggling, and a record-high amount job vacancies is one of them. It’s important to note that amid the ongoing strikes, there is still a need for empathetic and compassionate people to care for others. From nursing to support workers to physical therapists, a healthcare career can be rewarding for those who want to improve the lives of others while working in a demanding environment where no two days are the same. 

Traditionally, pursuing a career in healthcare has been for those entering university in a specific course of study. Online courses and qualifications like the Open University are suitable for older adults looking for a career change. 

Content designer

A black woman looks off to the distance holder her laptop while a man works at his computer with a coffee.
If you are creative and have some experience in design, a career in content design could be perfect. (Getty Images/PinkNews)

A content designer works on websites and apps to ensure individuals can use them easily. Some of the skills needed include user experience design, strategy and writing web copy. The beauty of a career in content design is that it is perfect for those already working in social media, digital marketing and graphic design.

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While the role involves creative thinking and a collaborative working environment, it can be a remote-friendly career. Add in the high average salary, especially in central London, and a career in content design could be financially and creatively rewarding.


A man in a hard hat look down at a tablet while a woman with safety glasses and a hard hat looks on.
Engineering is perfect for those that consider themselves “left-brained.” (Getty Images/PinkNews)

In short, an engineer solves problems through maths and sciences while constructing and implementing new workflows and equipment. It is the perfect fit for the curious and left-brained person: logical, analytical, and orderly. An engineer’s role could involve research, design or construction through various sectors and fields, including mechanical, industrial and data. 

While there is a significant educational investment in engineering, the average salary band in a graduate scheme can earn up to £31,000 per year, with the potential for rapid career growth.

Cloud Engineer

On the left side, a man is working at a computer, on the right side 2 colleagues are looking at a computer while one enters in code.
Job roles that involve working in the cloud are in high-demand. (Getty Images/Pink News)

As more businesses move their data into the cloud, cloud engineers have quickly become an in-demand career. A cloud engineer’s main responsibilities include designing an infrastructure, maintaining it and tech support. 

Compared to some of the other roles on this list, this role involves more specific technical skills like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Relevant soft skills to a cloud engineer include communication and adaptability as the cloud environment moves quickly. With high earning potential and a remote working environment, a cloud engineer can serve as a rewarding new career.

Human Resources

A male and female colleague look at a tablet.
The need for HR professionals is high in a post-pandemic UK. (Getty Images/PinkNews)

Of all the departments within the corporate world, the HR function has gone through the most extreme rebrand. Pre-pandemic, human resources existed as a transactional function: job offers, onboarding, addressing workplace complaints and exit interviews. Then overnight, HR became the gatekeeper for workplace well-being, leading initiatives in diversity, equity & inclusion and continued learning & development. 

There are currently many vacancies in all aspects of human resources. Data reveals nearly 40,000 HR jobs were posted in July. A career in HR could be gratifying for active listeners and empathetic communicators. As the industry evolves, many companies are looking to fill unfilled roles.
These are just a handful of the most in-demand careers in the UK.

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