45 thoughts I had watching Drag Race season 15, episode 14: ‘Mother is in danger, I fear’

Drag Race Blame It On the edit

Drag Race lays the twists on thick in the final challenge of season 15, with a sickening rumix of the aptly chosen RuPaul song “Blame It On The Edit”.

In a sparsely populated Werk Room, Sasha Colby, Anetra, Luxx Noir London and Mistress Isabelle Brooks remain the last queens standing from Drag Race‘s largest ever cast of 16. Ru’s not stopping there though, as she announces only three queens will head onto the grand finale – gagged.

To get there, the queens have to write a verse for the cast remix of “Blame It On The Edit” – a suitable song for a season that, it’s fair to say, suffered under the strain of several 40-minute long episodes. Damn you, Todrick Hall.

The verses are surprisingly original for the umpteenth cast version of a Ru song in the past few years, and though an otherwise frontrunner stumbles in her offering, the music video is sickening. But will Ru actually chop a queen before the finale?

Here are 45 thoughts I had while watching episode 14 of RuPaul’s Drag Raceseason 15.

  • Back in the Werk Room for the penultimate time, and I can already feel the absence of Loosey counting her mini-challenge wins. Was sad to see her go last week (she shouldn’t have been anywhere near the bottom), but the producers realised she was better TV while failing than succeeding, and then exploited that for all it was worth.
  • Luxx needs to let loose; I genuinely don’t think Loosey had a ‘master plan’ like Luxx thinks she did? But what do I know, I’m a twink with a keyboard and too many opinions.
  • So obsessed with Luxx living her life via Drag Race quotes.
  • Mistress says this is the top four she called from the jump, and to be honest, so did I. They are all sickening performers and great television – the perfect combo. Check the receipts. Where’s my prize?
  • MIB saying “this song is a shady song because the girls love to blame it on the edit” upon being told that their maxi challenge is a “Blame It On The Edit” remix is so funny to me and I don’t know why – like … thanks?
  • Miguel Zárate is the choreographer and I’d like to formerly file my resignation from the Jamal Sims fan club; he’s been gone too long and Mr. Zárate is my daddy now.
  • Sasha Colby on writing a verse: “I know words.” LOVE that for you Sasha!
  • Not Luxx going full Jinkx Monsoon/Aiden Zhane and having a nap.
  • Can I speak my truth? I hate these Tic Tac lunches.
  • Although; I could watch Sasha do anything, so I am enjoying her chat with Michelle and Ru and that one really obviously edited soundbite that they’ve stuck in there.
  • Sasha Colby if you’re reading this recap on PinkNews dot com, I love you.
  • Anetra is here to walk her duck all over that Tic Tac lunch and Michelle immediately brings up “that f*cking lip sync” against Marcia x3 – and calls it her favourite of all time! At the risk of agreeing with Michelle Visage, same.
  • MIB says that Loosey was acting different off camera; Ru calls that an “undercover c**t” and I am HOWLING with laughter. Loosey is watching this episode and throwing up somewhere.
  • Mistress has singlehandedly introduced “cut-up” and “gathered” to the lexicon of Drag Race viewers everywhere.
  • Luxx is here proving that she is not only a child of Drag Race, but came to this competition prepared – her Werk Room outfits were just as planned as her runway lewks? Slayed.

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  • The gworls are on set to learn their choreo and they all look sickening.
  • Weird excuse for Mistress to say her outfit is restrictive. Why pick that look then, bestie?
  • Anetra. Pick this up. Mother is in trouble, I fear.
  • Absolutely zero choice but to stan Luxx. “Remember who you are” says Michelle. “The one,” the reply comes.
  • Obviously Sasha is munching, eating and devouring.
  • When it comes to actually recording the video, MIB is turning it out and we love to see it. I like it when they all do well!
  • If they really are doing a bottom two, it could be an Anetra and Mistress moment.
  • I feel like I say this every season of regular Drag Race, but whichever three don’t win out of this final four would absolutely murder an All Stars.
  • The flashbacks to episode one are reminding me of Luxx’s very much not 40-inch wig.
  • ANETRA’S RUNWAY LOOK. My jaw is below the floor. And she made it! Insane.
  • And Luxx’s, this is the most ‘glamourous’ she’s ever looked and that hair is perfection.
  • Oh, my god. Sasha Colby. That’s it, that’s the thought.
  • Mistress’s cheetah print gown, too. These girls did not come to play, even slightly. I feel like that’s collectively the best final runway on a regular season ever seen?
  • Time to watch “Blame It On The Edit”. J’excited.
  • Breaks my heart, but Anetra’s verse is probably the weakest – if she’d picked up the tempo for the second half it would have served. I just can’t justify “Hairflip!” as a standalone lyric.
  • Luxx singing and rapping? She’s serving.
  • Why does Sasha Colby sound like her next project is recording a featured verse for “California Gurls” by Katy Perry? I’m trying to say she sounds like Snoop Dogg, and it’s taking me out. Regardless, it’s one of the best Drag Race finale verses ever – so original.
  • MIB is serving classic finale verse but it’s still hitting.
  • Ru is laying this ‘final three’ narrative on a bit too thick. Do we think they’re actually not doing a final four? There’s no way.
  • Going into this episode, I was fairly sure Luxx was getting the chop, but now I’m worried that it might be Mistress; the producers aren’t stupid enough to let a final lip sync between Anetra and Sasha Colby pass them by.
  • Why does the hilarious Ross Matthews give his critiques solely in soundbites?
  • Babynetra is so cute! Also, why are these producers intent on making Anetra cry every ep?
  • I’m stressed; someone’s going home.
  • Where is style superstar, Carson Kressley?!
  • This has been a long series of Drag Race. Would you believe me if I told you the twins were on this season?
  • Sasha wins her fourth challenge. Deserved.
  • Anetra and Mistress are lip syncing! This is has to be a double save. Don’t play with me Miss Paul.
  • Thank god for that. Weird flex from Ru to pretend that they were doing a top three – and then a double shantay to a fairly unremarkable lip sync. Cannot WAIT for the reunion!
  • So, Sasha Colby has to be taking the crown, right?

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 airs on Fridays 8/7c on MTV in the US and will be available to watch on Wow Presents Plus on following Saturday mornings from 2am GMT in the UK.