Paramount+’s new pansexual dating series Love Allways is here to defy gender norms

Love Allways is the newest queer dating show coming to our screens – and it features a pansexual bachelorette looking for love down all possible avenues.

If you’re the only person reading this without access to a working internet connection or television, you may not have noticed that we’re in the middle of a queer dating-show renaissance.

The BBC’s I Kissed a Boy, hosted by Dannii Minogue, sees queer men search for love by giving each other a snog before any other interaction. Ultimatum, meanwhile, features five queer women giving their respective partners a (shock) ultimatum over the course of a few weeks, that ends in either marriage or a break-up.

The latest addition to the list is Paramount+’s Love Allways, a queer spin on the Bachelor format, which sees one person presented with their pick of hopefuls, featuring Lexi Paloma as the pivotal, pansexual cast member.

According to Deadline, those attempting to win Paloma’s hand will be of all genders.

“Over 10 episodes, Paloma is freed from typical dating show gender norms as she sets out to find true love. As she narrows down her pool of contestants of all genders, some start falling for one another, causing a spiral of drama, betrayal, passion and jealousy,” the publication reported.

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Throughout the process, she is assisted by two professional relationship gurus, Spicy Mari and Anthony Recenello, who also serve as mentors to their teams of potential suitors.

Mari and Recenello will also be competing against each other to see whose protégé gets chosen.

Paloma’s suitors are: Sienna Scibird, Jasmine Cervantes, Kalysta Mallory, Camille Cupid, Rylin Utah, Jayme Aiden, Cyprien Boustiha, Marc Bateman, Tyler Hearing, Luis Diaz, Brian Batesy, Joshua Cureton and Cameron James.

Love Allways premiers on Paramount+ with three episodes on 2 June , followed by a weekly release on Paramount+ and Awesomeness’ YouTube channel.

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