So-called ‘gender critic’ Posie Parker blames brutal attack of gay schoolboy, 14, on trans people

Anti-trans campaigner Posie Parker stands at a rally wearing a top reading "woman, woman, woman"

Anti-trans campaigner Posie Parker has blamed trans people for the assault of a 14-year-old boy in Ireland, claiming “backlash” to trans people has caused homophobic hate crimes to rise. 

The 14-year-old student was reportedly left with serious facial injuries after the attack by fellow students on Monday (15 May), with a family member telling PinkNews that the students had attacked the boy because of his sexuality. 

The attack was filmed and circulated widely online, attracting the attention of Ireland’s leader Leo Varadkar, who claimed that “everyone would condemn [the incident] utterly”.

The police (Garda) told PinkNews that the incident is not currently being investigated as a hate crime, however three “juvenile males” have been arrested as part of the investigation into the assault.

Posie Parker, who made headlines after hosting a series of anti-trans rallies in Australia, linked the homophobic attack to the trans community, implying that the gay student was attacked due to anti-trans “backlash”.

“Now that the T attached itself to LGB and forced itself down everyone’s throats, the LGB are going to be included in the backlash,” she said.

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“Everyone has a duty to sever the links between the LGB and the T.”

She added in a separate comment that “the backlash will not spare those that saw this coming and tried to save the LGB kids”. 

(Posie Parker/Twitter)

Parker was heavily criticised for her comments, with a Twitter user claiming: “If your reaction to a vulnerable queer kid being beaten up is to blame it on trans people, it is abundantly clear that you do not care whatsoever about any queer youth.”

“Wow. KJK [Parker’s real name, Kellie-Jay Keen] using violence against a gay kid as an argument to *checks notes* blame trans people. Again.” another said.

Parker has gained notoriety after she organised several rallies across Australia and New Zealand, one of which was attended by around 30 Neo-Nazis – who Parker has denied were there for her rally.

Following the rally in Melbourne, which saw the Neo-Nazis chant “white power” and throw up Nazi salutes, the state’s government offices raised a trans flag in solidarity.

Victoria’s premier Dan Andrews, later stated: ”I wish it didn’t have to be said, but it clearly does: Nazis aren’t welcome. Not on parliament’s steps. Not anywhere.”

An Australian student claimed that the LGBTQ+ community was prepared to oppose Parker’s rallies in the country “again and again”.

PinkNews has contacted Posie Parker for comment.