TikTok creators are helping ‘lazy’ people create easy and quick makeup looks

The #lazylazymakeupgirl hashtag is taking over TikTok with quick and easy makeup tips.

A new hashtag is taking over TikTok for ‘lazy’ people who want to apply their makeup quickly and easily – but still put together an amazing look.

The #lazylazymakeupgirls hashtag has racked up more than 12 million views on the social media platform, with people looking for tips and tricks.

One of the leading creators of the #lazylazymakeupgirls hashtag is @missmonolids aka Dani.

Her videos featuring hacks for those who want to apply makeup quickly have racked up hundreds of thousands of views and comments.

One of the most popular, which has racked up 175,000 likes, features a low-effort lip product that viewers love.

It’s the Glossy Lip Stain from e.l.f., which beauty bloggers say all you have to do is apply and blot for long-lasting coverage, so you won’t have to reapply throughout the day.

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@missmonolids #lazylazymakeupgirls ♬ Thinking with My Dick (feat. Juicy J) – Kevin Gates

Typically lip gloss and lipstick require careful application and setting, which is annoying if you’re on the go, and there’s the reapplication throughout the day.

TikTok creator @missmonolids says she loves the product “and its affordable”, she uses the deep red shade, Spicy Sienna and applies it in seconds, allows it to dry for five minutes and then blots.

She adds: “Trust me it stays on all day and this is lazy girl heaven.”

The Glossy Lip Stain is priced at £6 from elfcosmetics.co.uk and comes in a number of shades, all of which apply the same, including Berry Queen and Basic Beige.

Another popular video sees the content creator compare products to each other, to see which is the best for ‘lazy’ people.

She compares two skin tints, with Fenty Beauty’s Eaze Drop up against Tower 28 Beauty’s Sunny Days.

@missmonolids Reply to @alexagia53 #lazylazymakeupgirls @fentybeauty eaze drop vs @Tower 28 Beauty ♬ original sound – shayne ?

She says that Tower 28 is “definitely a more hydrating formula” and that is evened out her skin tone as well as a “beautiful glow”.

Talking about Fenty Beauty she says it’s not as liquidy and it’s perfect if you want to “blur your skin texture” and that they’re both easy to use for “lazy lazy makeup girls”.

TikTok is loving the sunburn blush trend

Another trend that’s taking over TikTok is a sunburn blush makeup look.

It gives you a sun-kissed look without the UV damage and has been replicated by the likes of Billie Eilish.

The “Bad Guy” singer posted a mirror selfie to her 104 million followers, with a flushed makeup look that resembled the latest trend.

The makeup look covers your cheeks and nose – similar to how the sun hits your face if you forget to wear sunscreen – but you can achieve a summer glow without the UV damage.

@sarahssuperspa Reply to @repunkzel how I like to use benetint- sunburnt blush placement ?@Benefit Cosmetics UK #sunburnblush #blushhack #dupe #narsblush ♬ original sound – Sarah’s Super Spa ????‍♀️

One TikTok video by @sarahssuperspa has racked up more than 53,000 likes, and it sees the content creator use a product by Benefit to achieve the sunburn look.

They use the brand’s Benetint Rose Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain, a red-pink colour that is priced at £16 and available from Cult Beauty and Look Fantastic.