Heartstopper fans declare this Nick and Charlie scene the best of season 2: ‘Award-winning’

A still from Heartstopper season two featuring Nick Nelson holding Charlie Spring by the shoulders.

Fans have been talking about the second season of Heartstopper since it dropped earlier this week – but one particularly scene has had them in tears.

Warning: Spoilers for Heartstopper season two ahead.

Season two has only been available for a little over a day, but many fans of Alice Oseman’s queer teen hit have already binge watched all eight episodes. 

Those who have whizzed through the new series have been lining up their favourite moments, and there are lot to choose from. 

Imogen serving Ben a little taste of his own medicine in front of the rest of the class while in Paris, and Elle and Tao’s sweet date in the museum during the school trip are gems.

Then there’s Darcy and Tara’s discussion about the former’s home life, while Taylor Swift’s gorgeous track “seven” plays in the background.

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Even though Nick and Charlie share more screen time with the supporting characters this time around, the young couple still get plenty of striking moments together. 

The first time their families meet is a highlight, considering it’s the most dramatic dinner scene since Electra Abundance flipped the table in Pose season two. The way Charlie and Nick hug while they tour The Louvre is another fan favourite.

But the moment that has truly stopped the hearts of Heartstopper fans worldwide is in the season’s final last scene.

After deciding to leave their school prom early and retreat to Nick’s bedroom for some quality time together, the pair end up engaging in a moving heart-to-heart.

Worried that Charlie hasn’t been entirely transparent about the bullying he was on the receiving end of when he was outed by a classmate, Nick gently asks him to open up about the experience.

They sit together on Nick’s bedroom floor, and Charlie, evidently emotional, plucks up the courage to say: “It surprised me how homophobic people were. I thought things were better nowadays.”

Whispering and taking long, pauses between each sentence, he adds: “People would just call me disgusting to my face. It went on for so long that I started to believe what they were saying.”

While Nick has slowly woken up to the fact that his boyfriend was suffering with an eating disorder, Charlie had yet to explain the extent of the impact the bullying had on him – until this scene.

“It made me really hate myself, so much that I used to cut myself sometimes. I don’t want to feel like that any more,” Charlie explains.

They hug and get teary, as Nick urges Charlie to “promise to tell [him] if it ever gets that bad again”, and then almost – but not quite – tells him he loves him.

It’s easily one of the show’s most simultaneously devastating and heart-warming scenes, and fans have immediately clocked it as the best of the season.

In a viral tweet, one fan said: “This scene really broke me. Award-winning, in my opinion.”

Another fan, managing to explain the importance of LGBTQ+ representation in a single tweet, wrote: “Broke my heart hearing this. I experienced all those same things when I was in middle and high school.”

And a third tweeted: “That moment where you see the fear in Nick’s eyes when he asks Charlie if he still harms [himself]… is so impactful,” while another said they would be “starting the Kit Connor [who plays Nick] Emmy Award campaign”.

Heartstopper season two is streaming on Netflix now.

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