Heartstopper: Kit Connor and Joe Locke share where they think Nick and Charlie will be in 20 years

stills from Netflix's Heartstopper season two trailer.

Heartstopper season two drops this week, but stars Kit Connor and Joe Locke are looking much further into the future.

The 19-year-old actors play Nick Nelson (Connor) and Charlie Spring (Locke) in Netflix’s queer teen drama, with the wildly anticipated second season set to drop in a matter of days, on Thursday (3 August).

The teaser trailer, which landed on 25 July, hints that Nick and Charlie’s relationship will go to the next level. Season two promises a lot more kissing between the pair, while Nick will struggle with coming out to his family and wider friendship group.

They’ll also embark on a trip to Paris, where Charlie somehow manages to get a love bite.

A third season has already been commissioned by Netflix, and Locke and Connor are adamant that Nick and Charlie’s love story will be one for the books.

Asked where they think their characters will be in 20 years time, Connor told The New York Times: “The hope would certainly be that they’re still together… they’re meant for each other.”

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Locke agreed, adding: “I think they would be… They’d have some children, a family.”

Their mutual hope is that the pair stay caught in their Heartstopper rose-tinted love affair for life. If Nick and Charlie end up “just happy,” then both actors would consider that a win.

Heartstopper creator teases ending

Heartstopper is based on the graphic novel series by Alice Oseman .

A fifth is arriving on shelves later this year, and a sixth is currently in the works, too.

The sixth book will tell the story of how it all ends for Nick and Charlie, and it sounds like Connor and Locke will get their wish for a happy ending granted.

“I’ve known for ages exactly how Heartstopper is going to end,” Oseman told Attitude magazine earlier this year. “It’s been really helpful to have that, like, endpoint for me to kind of build towards. I’m not going to spoil anything, but I mean, it’s a happy ending. I feel like everyone knows that.”

Charlie and Nick, Heartstopper
Nick and Charlie in upcoming scenes from Heartstopper season two. (Netflix)

While there’s likely some years to wait for Heartstopper fans to see how Nick and Charlie’s relationship will play out on the small screen, Locke is simply pleased to see how the show is changing young queer lives in the meantime.

“There’s a big push in our world at the moment to take away queer people’s autonomy,” he said, likely referring to the ongoing wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in the US, and the incessant attacks on trans people in the UK.

“It’s beautiful to be part of a show that really pushes and loves that young people can be in charge of their own fates.”

Heartstopper season two lands on Netflix on Thursday (3 August).

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