Taylor Swift personally offered Heartstopper her song after seeing this ‘beautiful’ queer scene

On the left, Taylor Swift performing on her Eras Tour. On the right, Nick and Charlie in Heartstopper.

Heartstopper’s music supervisor has confirmed that Taylor Swift loved one scene in the hit show so much that she granted permission for her song to be used as a soundtrack for it.

Season two of Alice Oseman’s LGBTQ+ series dropped on Netflix last week, and fans have flocked to comment on their favourite scenes.

From Tao and Elle finally getting together in Paris to Charlie opening up to Nick about his horrendous bullying experience, Oseman has given us some memorable moments.

One particularly touching scene in the final episode sees Darcy and Tara say, for the first time, that they love each other, after the former bared all about her turbulent relationship with her mother.

The Heartstopper season 2 soundtrack is here.
The Heartstopper season two soundtrack includes a track from fan Taylor Swift, (Netflix)

As the pair kiss, Swift’s soothing “seven”, taken from her critically acclaimed album Folklore, plays softly in the background.

The song continues as Darcy and Tara rejoin the rest of their queer pals, and the group spend their prom evening playing games and dancing among themselves. 

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According to Matt Biffa, the show’s music supervisor, Swift was so enamoured by the scene that she let the team use her song without a whopping price tag.

When one fan tweeted on Thursday (3 August) that the Heartstopper team must have had “big bucks” to pay Swift for using the song, Biffa responded: “No, she just thought the scene was beautiful and we were able to make it work.”

Seeking clarification, another fan tweeted: “So you mean this Heartstopper scene… that highlights sapphic love and absolute queer joy, she was willing to get less money because she thought it was beautiful and her song would be perfect for it?”

To which Biffa wrote back: “Sometimes art is more important than $$$.”

Swift is no stranger to giving a helping hand to the queer community, having donated more than $100,000 (approximately £78,000) to help fight anti-LGBTQ+ bills, in 2019.

More recently, to mark Pride month this year, she paused her Eras tour set in Chicago to declare that her shows will always be a “safe, celebratory space” for LGBTQ+ people.

Now, Heartstopper fans are gushing over her latest display of allyship. 

“I’m never gonna shut up, she said, omg queer joy,” wrote one social media user, while another said: “I know she did it for her guys, gals and non-binary pals.”

Other artists featured on the Heartstopper season two soundtrack include LGBTQ+ musicians Baby Queen, Christine and the Queens, and boygenius singer Lucy Dacus.

Around half of the musicians on the soundtrack are LGBTQ+.

Heartstopper season two is available to stream on Netflix now.