Troye Sivan wants to remix Rush with this music legend: ‘Untouchable sex pop star’

Troye Sivan in the "Rush" music video. (YouTube)

Troye Sivan is eyeing up a collaboration with one of the world’s biggest music legends.

The Australian star sent the gays of the internet into a spiral earlier this month,  after he put the pop into poppers with his new single and song of the summer, “Rush”.

Accompanied by a sweaty and frequently NSFW music video, “Rush” set Sivan on course to become the huge, fully fledged pop prince that his fans always knew him to be.

There was a minor setback when some fans lashed out at the video for only featuring slim and muscular bodies, but Sivan tried to swiftly clear up the discourse by stating that it just wasn’t something he’d paid much attention to.

While the social media commentary on the video seems to have died down, there’s one way to ensure that the focus is purely on the song itself – by bringing in one of the world’s greatest pop stars for a mind-blowing remix. 

There are no concretes plan to do that just yet, although Sivan knows exactly who he’d want on the track if a “Rush” remix were to ever go ahead.

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Speaking on Apple Music’s The Travis Mills Show, Sivan revealed that his dream collaboration would be with music industry royalty, Janet Jackson.

“To me, she’s the ultimate,” he said. “She’s so endlessly inspiring to me. I saw her concert at the Hollywood Bowl a couple years ago and that set me on my path for the album in general.”

Janet Jackson has announced a 2023 North American tour and tickets go on sale soon.
Singing with Janet Jackson would be Troye’s dream collaboration. (Francois Nel/Getty Images)

His new album, Something To Give Each Other ,will feature a number of anthems about queer sex and partying, and it appears “Rhythm Nation” star Janet was his blueprint.

“To me, pop stars of that era, there’s so much nostalgia. For me, it’s almost like a character at this point – this kind of untouchable sex pop star [who’s] like global,” he gushed. 

“They travel, they play for these massive crowds, there’s the choreo and everything. The videos were just so mega. Everything about that is so nostalgic for when I was growing up and that’s the era where I fell in love with pop music.”

Jackson is seen as one of music’s greatest legends, shifting more than 160 million records worldwide, and earning five Grammy Awards. She’s also bagged 11 Billboard music awards, a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and that’s before mentioning the Guinness world records. 

Piggybacking on the huge online success of “Rush”, Sivan has since stepped his music comeback up a notch by revealing that Something To Give Each Other will drop on 13 October.

While he’s asserted that the album is very much inspired by nights out, and not by his break up with model Jacob Bixenman, he told the podcast that there’s still a touch of “vulnerability” on the record.

In fact, there are two songs that he’s incredibly worried about playing live, because they’re just a bit too emotional.

“They suck to listen to, just for me. Not for everyone else, I think everyone else is going to like them. I think there’s also an element of relief listening back to them now because it almost feels like reading an old diary entry or something,” Sivan said.

“I’m scared to play them live. I think that will feel tough.”

In one final titbit, he revealed that the 10-track album does in fact feature one collaboration, although he stopped short of naming the co-singer. Janet Jackson, perhaps? Or maybe it’s Lil Nas X – another star for whom Sivan has voiced his adoration.

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