Proud Boys leader Ethan Nordean sentenced to 18 years for role in Capitol riot

More Proud Boys have been sentenced over the US Capitol riots in 2021.

Two additional members of far-right neo-Nazi group the Proud Boys have been jailed for their involvement in the 2021 US Capitol riot.

Forty-six-year-old Dominic Pezzola and 32-year-old Ethan Nordean were convicted of charges relating to the right-wing insurrection of the US capitol on 6 January 2021, with both sentenced to serve 10 years or more in prison.

Pezolla, who was convicted of assaulting officers and obstructing an official proceeding, was sentenced to 10 years in jail. Nordean, charged with seditious conspiracy for leading the riot, is to serve 18 years.

During the 2021 riots, the Proud Boys, among other groups, collectively stormed the US Capitol to interrupt Congress’ joint session to certify Biden’s victory due to the false theory that the 2020 election was stolen from former president Donald Trump.

Prior to sentencing, Proud Boys co-leader Nordean told the court that the riot was a “complete and utter tragedy”, and apologised for his “lack of leadership that day”.

“To anyone who I directly or even indirectly wronged, I’m sorry,” he continued.

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US district judge Timothy Kelly condemned the actions of Nordean and those who attended the riots that day, saying that if the US doesn’t have a peaceful transfer of power, then “we don’t have anything”.

Nordean, who is notorious in the Pacific Northwest for attacking protestors, was handed one of the longest sentences of those charged over the Capitol riots.

More than 1,100 people have been charged with federal crimes relating to the insurrection, while 600 have been convicted and sentenced.

Dominic Pezzola (left) walks to the court house during his trial in December.
Dominic Pezzola (left) walks to the court house during his trial in December. (Getty)

Pezzola, a former US marine, was among those convicted for assaulting police officers and smashing a window with a riot shield.

The 46-year-old recorded himself following his involvement in the riots, smoking what he later described as a “victory cigar”.

He was acquitted of seditious conspiracy charges but will serve 10 years for assault and obstruction.

Following his sentencing, Pezzola raised his fist and shouted “Trump won” across the courtroom.

It is believed that at least 200 Proud Boys attended the 2021 Capitol riots, describing themselves as Donald Trump’s foot soldiers.

Prior to the insurrection, Trump acknowledged them in a 2020 US election debate, where he told them to “stand back and stand by.”

Proud Boys co-leader Joe Biggs was also handed a 17-year sentence for his involvement in the Capitol riots on Thursday (31 August). The group’s former leader, Enrique Tarrio, is expected to be sentenced next week.

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