Grace Hyland slams TV channel for image use in detrans programme: ‘I don’t regret transitioning’

Trans influencer Grace Hyland poses in a car wearing a seatbelt

Trans influencer Grace Hyland has slammed an Australian broadcaster for reportedly using her photo to promote a show about transgender children without permission.

The programme, billed by Australia’s Channel 7 as its “most controversial story this year”, alleges that children “are being told they should change from boy to girl, or girl to boy, from as young as 12 years old” only to “regret it”, though no data or studies are cited in the trailer.

In the trailer for the programme, titled De-Transitioning, a number of people’s photos are used, including photos taken before and after gender-affirming medical procedures.

Sharing a recording of the promo clip to her Instagram, trans influencer Grace Hyland, 20, pointed out that her own photos feature in the video, despite her not agreeing to be part of the show.

“Channel 7 made it look like I kinda regret transitioning”, she told followers.

“That kinda looks like I’m one of the kids that regrets it. I transitioned at 13 and I do not regret it at all.”

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Hyland goes on to ask Channel 7: “Why are you using my photos? Is it because my dad was on Home and Away on Channel 7 back in the day? Is it because I’m a public figure? Is it because I’ve publicly defended child transitioning?

“I mean why would you choose my face, my photos? It makes no sense.

“Gender-affirming healthcare in Australia needs more funding, it doesn’t need this negativity.

“And even though my face is in this, I don’t agree with it, I don’t stand for this story, I don’t stand for the sensationalism of this whole thing. Don’t get it twisted Channel 7.”

In the caption of her video, Hyland added: “Transitioning as a child is not how Channel 7 is making it out to be.

“My care by the Royal Children’s Hospital was held with the utmost diligence and I am forever grateful. Stop using my medical history as a way to push your political agenda, Channel 7!”

Grace Hyland has been documenting her transition journey online ever since she first publicly came out aged 12. On both social media and in TV interviews, Grace has defended transgender care for children – often with her father, actor Mat Stevenson, by her side.

Australia’s guidelines around transgender healthcare mean that minors are not able to access gender-affirming care, such as puberty blockers or hormone treatments, without the consent of both of their parents.

Even then, it can often take years for transgender children to have access to the necessary consultations and care.

Speaking to SBS News, CEO of Transcend Australia Jeremy Wiggins noted that the claim that thousands of children regret transitioning, as stated in the promotional trailer, is “entirely untrue”.

He noted: “The evidence that’s available suggests that less than 1 per cent of people may later change their mind or continue on their journey of gender affirmation.

“When compared to other medical procedures where there can be elements of medical regret, such as knee surgery, which is at around about 20 per cent, people who may choose to detransition is far lower, at less than 1 per cent.”

Channel 7 now appears to have deleted all videos featuring Hyland’s photo, and has re-uploaded new promo trailers without her image.

A spokesperson for Channel 7 apologised to Hyland in a statement: “In a promotional video for 7NEWS Spotlight, the image of a transgender woman was shown during a voiceover discussing children expressing regret over transitioning.

“We acknowledge the photo might inadvertently imply that the individual in question regretted their transition. As soon as we were made aware the image was removed and the promo replaced. We sincerely apologise for any confusion this may have caused.”

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