Colton Underwood ‘proud’ of fellow Bachelor star Gabby Windey for coming out as queer

Colton Underwood (L) is 'extremely proud' of Gabby Windey (R) for coming out as queer.

Two former contestants on The Bachelor, Colton Underwood and Becca Tilley, have shared their support for fellow franchise star Gabby Windey after she came out as queer in August.

Windey, who appeared on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, as well as on Dancing with the Stars, came out as queer on Instagram through a series of photos with her girlfriend Robby Hoffman, with the caption declaring: “Told you I’m a girl’s girl.”

The reality star later opened up about her sex life with comedian and writer Hoffman, describing it as “freeing… liberating [and] very safe”, compared to her experiences of intimacy with men.

At a fundraiser for The Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation, which supports student athlete mental health, Underwood and Tilley spoke to E! News about their reaction to Windey’s coming out.

Former NFL star Underwood, who came out as gay two years after appearing in the 23rd season of The Bachelor, in 2019, and is now married to political strategist Jordan C Brown, said: “I’m extremely proud of anybody from that franchise or any of the TV and reality world who gets to live their truth.

Becca Tilley also shared he congratulations to Gabby.
Becca Tilley expressed her pride (Getty)

“I know it’s challenging going through a show like that with the pressures of America rooting for a relationship.”

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Underwood added that it’s “really important” for queer people to be visible in the world.

Tilley, who appeared on the 2015 and 2016 seasons of The Bachelor, and has been dating singer Hayley Kiyoko for more than five years, also shared her joy for Windey.

“It makes me so happy, people feeling comfortable to be able to love who they love and let themselves have connections with people who maybe they didn’t expect to,” she said.

“Being able to feel brave enough and safe enough to do it is so important. I’m so glad that we’re part of that conversation.”

Tilley also recounted a sweet exchange she had with Windey after the latter came out. After Tilley congratulated her, Windey reportedly responded: “‘You’ve paved the way Becca, thank you.”

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