Big Brother’s Hallie comes out as trans in powerful statement to housemates

Big Brother's trans housemate Hallie in a promotional image for ITV

Big Brother contestant Hallie has come out as trans to the rest of the house, telling her housemates that she wants to express her identity “loud and clear”.

Hallie was one of 16 housemates to enter the iconic Big Brother house on Sunday (8 October) after the reality TV show was rebooted and relaunched on ITV, five years after it last aired on Channel 5.

The 18-year-old youth worker left an immediate impression on viewers, explaining in her introductory video tape that she “barks” at men when she gets cat-called, because “if you act like a dog, you get treated like one”.

Despite swiftly becoming an early fan favourite, Hallie also became the target of bigots who mocked her perceived trans identity – before she disclosed it herself.

Big Brother housemate Hallie.
Big Brother contestant Hallie has come out as trans. (ITV)

In tonight’s episode (9 October) though, Hallie will decide to open up to her fellow Big Brother stars, revealing that she is a trans woman. 

“Hey guys, I just have something to say. Yesterday I feel like I wasn’t being 100 per cent authentic in myself,” she tells housemates as they gathered around the dining table.

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“I thought I’d let everyone know I’m trans, if you didn’t know already. I just thought I’d make that loud and clear. I’m a trans woman if you didn’t know.”

In a sweet moment following the revelation, Hallie’s fellow housemates embraced and shared their love for her. “Good for you. That’s very brave of you,” her housemate Chanelle says.

“This is a moment. I like it,” adds Dylan.

“I don’t know why I was nervous,” Hallie says after making the announcement, with Farida responding with: “You don’t need to be nervous”.

Details of the conversation, given by ITV, were shared online.

Big Brother viewers have also celebrated Hallie coming out and praised her courage.

“I LOVE HER. This is so important considering the current political climate in the UK around trans issues,” wrote one person. “Big Brother has ALWAYS been about inclusivity and it’s amazing that she has the bravery to do this at 18.”

“Can we talk about how incredibly brave this young woman is to go on TV, in the current political climate, and do this? So much respect for Hallie,” wrote another.

While some whiny social media users have criticised the “woke” new series for the diversity of its castmates, others have stressed that Big Brother has always been inclusive for LGBTQ+ housemates.

In 2004, Nadia Almada became the first trans woman to win Big Brother.

Big Brother continues on ITV 2 at 9pm, Monday through to Friday.