Big Brother praised after housemates share pronouns in response to Hallie coming out as trans

Big Brother housemates share their pronouns after Hallie comes out as a trans woman.

The Big Brother housemates have been praised after showing how simple it is to share pronouns and support trans people.

On Monday’s episode (9 October), 18-year-old youth worker Hallie came out as a trans woman to her fellow housemates, saying she wanted to be “loud and proud” about her gender identity.

She was immediately supported by the rest of the UK house, with Welsh dental therapist Chanelle commending her for her bravery, and make-up artist Farida going out of her way to calm Hallie’s nerves.

After the touching moment, Scottish dancer Olivia suggested all 16 housemates declare their pronouns to ensure everyone felt comfortable.

“On that subject, can we just double-check pronouns so nobody gets offended,” she said, as everyone sat around the dining table.

Big Brother's trans housemate Hallie in a promotional image for ITV
Big Brother‘s Hallie has come out as trans to her housemates. (ITV)

Then, doctor Matty began by checking which pronouns Hallie used, before the other housemates shared their own.

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Social media has been alight with users praising Big Brother for airing the sweet scene, with many praising it as an exemplary display of trans allyship.

“I know politically we’re going backwards but Hallie coming out as a trans woman, then all the housemates doing a pronoun-around felt like we’ve come on leaps and bounds. I don’t think that would have happened 10 years ago. The perfect reaction to coming out,” transgender author Harry Nicholas wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

The moment came after the housemates discussed ensuring Farida, who is Muslim, would have access to halal food, and was comfortable with others eating pork.

“Within five minutes, they checked about halal food, checked one another’s pronouns and Hallie spoke about being trans – that’s how simple it is,” wrote another viewer. “No fuss, no eye rolls, no sighs, nothing. Just respect.”

“Watching this diverse set of housemates do pronoun intros and hug a trans woman with no fuss, while smiling and joking is so refreshing,” a third wrote. “I don’t want to speak too soon, but maybe Big Brother is here to heal this nation.”

The pronoun check comes days after British prime minister Rishi Sunak was condemned for stoking hate against the trans community by declaring it was “common sense” to misgender trans people.

Fans of Big Brother have called the show a prime example of how right-wing politicians don’t speak for the majority of the British public.

“Sixteen people respectfully and refreshingly sat discussing one another’s pronouns and religions. A reminder that the majority of vitriol and hatred encouraged by a failing ruling class is to distract us from the fact the real enemies are those who seek to divide us,” another person pointed out.

Big Brother continues on ITV 2 on weekdays at 9pm.

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