Big Brother UK fans divided over Farida’s ‘wild’ questions for Hallie

Big Brother UK contestants Farida and Hallie.

Big Brother UK fans don’t know how to feel about Farida and Hallie’s conversation on Tuesday night (10 October).

Hallie, who bravely came out as transgender to her new housemates on day one of the reality show revival, faced some pretty intense questioning from the 50-year-old make-up artist who wanted to learn more about what it meant to be trans.

Farida explained that she felt it was important to educate herself on Hallie’s situation, and sat down with her to ask her some rather intimate questions.

Big Brother housemate Hallie.
Big Brother contestant Hallie has come out as trans. (ITV)

“Hallie can I ask, me who you have relationships with…” Farida began, before Hallie cut her off and told her: “I haven’t had a relationship yet.”

But Farida persisted: “If a guy was to get with you would they be seen as gay?”

Hallie simply replied: “I won’t have sex until I have my full transition.

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“There’s men out there who specifically like trans women, and there’s men out there that will just see me as a woman, and just be with me as a woman.”

Later on in the day, Hallie discussed the awkward encounter with some of her other housemates.

“When Farida said to me, ‘if a man was to be with you does that make them gay?’

Big Brother UK contestant Farida
Big Brother UK fans were torn over Farida’s questions for Hallie. (ITV)

“I was like no I’m a woman, they like me like I’m a woman. She was all confused.”

Hallie admitted that the interrogation was a bit “frustrating.”

Viewers at home had very different takes on the conversation. 

While some found it admirable that Farida wanted to educate herself, others found her line of questioning wildly inappropriate.

“Farida, I know this conversation might be innocent but… Hallie looks uncomfortable”, tweeted one viewer.

Another commented: “I don’t blame Hallie one second for being annoyed with Farida. By all means ask questions to get educated but those were inappropriate. There’s a time and a place and that wasn’t the time or the place.”

“Does Farida not understand Hallie is a woman, I dunno I feel this questions are a bit wild tbh,” noted a third.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, one viewer raved: “Farida and Hallie conversation is very healthy, younger generation educating the older conversation.”

“The way Hallie and Farida are having this conversation is so lovely, accepting and open. We need more people and more conversations like this,” agreed another.

Thankfully, any hint of conflict came to a halt by the end of the day, when Farida and Hallie talked out their differences.

“The thing is that I don’t believe in bullying. I was just curious because I feel it’s my first opportunity… it’s a social experiment being in here,” Farida told Hallie.

“Different people celebrating their culture and what they’re about.”