Lil Nas X trolls anti-trans pundit Oli London with South Korean plastic surgery jibe

Lil Nas X dressed as a tampon

Lil Nas X has hit out as anti-trans pundit Oli London, who complained that the singer was mocking women with his Halloween costume.

The “Panini” singer has been known to stir up mild controversy from time to time and kept that reputation alive this week when he revealed that, this year for Halloween, he had dressed as a blood-soaked tampon.

Complete with a blonde bloodied wig, thigh-high latex heels, and a painting of a vagina that he pretended to come out of, Lil Nas X, real name Montero Lamar Hill, put a lot of effort into this costume.

Naturally, fans were a little divided over the costume. While most could saw the humour in the musician’s costume, others were unimpressed. Some were so offended that they complained Lil Nas X’s costume was “mocking” women.

Seemingly hoping to add to the backlash, Oli London joined the pile-on, writing in a post to X: “Singer Lil Nas mocks women by dressing as a giant bloody tampon for Halloween. His Instagram post received almost 500,000 likes.”

London, an internet personality, is best known for spreading hateful anti-trans speech, and for undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures in order to look like a South Korean pop star.

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Lil Nas X had no trouble hitting back at London, replying to his tweet: “My brother in xenu, u had surgery to look south korean for the rest of your life, I was a c*** tampon for 1 halloween. Please perish.”

Lil Nas X tweets at Oli London
Lil Nas X cleared Oli London. (X)

Whether fans loved Lil Nas X’s costume or hated it, they could all agree that the singer gagged London with his reply.

“LMFAAAAO ate him up. I might not like the costume either but he made points,” wrote one user.

“OH LIL NAS X IS BACK,” posted a second.

And a third joked: “Yeah I’m with the tampon on this one”

In a follow-up tweet, Lil Nas X added: “I been silent for nearly 2 years y’all are not finna pretend to be mad about a tampon costume. Let me at least get new music out first.”

This is far from the first time that London has been absolutely devoured by celebrities he’s tried to challenge.

Just earlier this year, he was humiliated by YouTuber Ethan Klein when he tried to claim that gender dysphoria is a result of bullying.

During the three-hour debate with Klein, London misquoted a 2021 study, suggesting that it showed gender dysphoria came from bullying, when it reality, the study concluded that bullying can result in trans youth “maintaining heteronormativity.”

Klein left London stunned when he noted the anti-trans pundit’s mistake.

“It seems to be saying the opposite, actually, of what you’ve claimed,” Klein told London.

After London again said that the findings corroborated his belief, Klein reiterated that the research found the opposite was true.

“Do we understand what that says?” Klein asked after a moment of befuddled silence from London.

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