YouTube star Ethan Klein embarrasses anti-trans pundit Oli London over trans healthcare

H3 Podcast host Ethan Klein infront of a green screen.

YouTube star Ethan Klein has hit back against an anti-trans pundit’s claims that gender dysphoria is the result of bullying.

Klein, best known for the H3 podcast and his various videos discussing current affairs and internet trends, spoke to anti-trans pundit Oli London during a live debate on Wednesday (3 May).

During the three-hour debate, London – possibly best-known for his various plastic surgery procedures to appear like BTS star Jimin – cited a study conducted in 2021 by Finnish healthcare researchers, claiming that it showed gender dysphoria is the result of bullying.

In fact, the study – entitled Transgender identity is associated with bullying involvement among Finnish adolescents – concluded that bullying can result in trans youth “maintaining heteronormativity.”

The report read: “Both experiences of being bullied and perpetrating bullying were more commonly reported by transgender youth than by cisgender youth.”

Klein noted the disparity between London’s claims and the actual conclusion of the research after finding the study online.

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“It seems to be saying the opposite, actually, of what you’ve claimed,” Klein told London.

After London again said that the findings corroborated his belief, Klein reiterated that the research found the opposite was true.

“Do we understand what that says?” Klein asked after a moment of befuddled silence from London.

Finally, after attempting to misinterpret the study one more time, London claimed the researchers found a high correlation between both trans youth who were bullied and youth developing gender dysphoria from bullying.

Nowhere in the study does it suggest that dysphoria in trans youth develops as a result of bullying.

Pro-trans viewers across social media couldn’t get enough of the clip, commenting on the anti-trans pundit’s lack of awareness that a study’s conclusion is typically a pretty good summation of the study itself.

“The conclusion sums up the findings of the entire study, not just bits of it, Oli,” one user wrote.

Ethan Klein is no stranger to internet controversy himself, having feuded with several people online, including fellow YouTuber and singer Trisha Paytas.

Over the past few years, he has promised his LGBTQ+ fans that he would do better when discussing the community.

He said in a tweet marking 2021 Trans Day of Visibility: “There are times in my past [where] I’ve been horribly insensitive and ignorant on trans issues.

“I’ve learned so much since and pledge to be an ally. Trans rights are human rights, you deserve the same dignity, respect and understanding we all expect.”