Big Brother evictee gives verdict on Matty, Jordan and Henry ‘love triangle’

Henry (L), Jordan and Matty (R) from Big Brother.

Big Brother‘s latest evicted contestant, Zak Srakaew, has offered his perspective on a possible love triangle between housemates Matty, Jordan and Henry.

ITV’s reboot of hit reality series Big Brother is delivering the drama for LGBTQ+ audiences. As well as 18-year-old Hallie’s coming out journey as a trans woman, the new batch of contestants has included queer 25-year-old lawyer Jordan, gay 24-year-old geriatric doctor Matty, and 25-year-old food writer Henry.

In recent days, viewers have speculated something more is going on between the latter three – with Jordan at the centre of a possible love triangle. While Jordan and Henry have grown close over the course of the show, others have spotted there is a lot of flirting, and meaningful conversations, happening between Matty and Jordan.

As theories swirl about what is really going on, Big Brother‘s second evictee Zak (who was up against Henry before being voted off) spoke exclusively with PinkNews about the love triangle rumours, which he was “a little bit” aware of.

“But at the same time, a lot of the conversations they were having I wasn’t around for,” he continued. “There’s five, six different rooms in the house so there’s always a lot of conversations going on when I’m around.”

Despite this, Zak still has his own thoughts on how the situation will pan out.

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“Matty’s got a boyfriend on the outside,” he explained. “And I feel like Matty’s one of those guys, he’ll stick to not doing anything stupid.

Big Brother's Zak talks Matty, Jordan, Henry love triangle.
Big Brother’s Zak talks Matty, Jordan, Henry love triangle. (ITV)

“I don’t believe that Matty’s gonna say to Jordan at all. You can see a lot of the time Matty was like ‘okay you need to stop now’. But we’ll see, in the house it can get very intense. You never know what’s gonna happen.”

Zak went onto share his thoughts on the wider LGBTQ+ representation and his personal admiration for Hallie, who came out as a trans woman early on in the series.

“Hallie is such a strong, young, independent woman coming out on that show,” Zak reflected.

“Having to say that on national TV, I felt like she was so brave. Fair play to her. Anyone at that age, coming on a TV show that young, admitting everything you’ve been through, it’s an amazing feeling.

Big Brother housemate Hallie.
Hallie has opened up about her mum’s sacrifice. (ITV)

“I tried my best to give her my advice, saying ‘listen you’ve got a big platform, utilise it, have fun, be who you are and just enjoy the process, stay strong’.

“Big up to her because at 18 I would never have had the balls to do anything like that. She’s inspiring.”

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX from Sunday to Friday.