This adorable gender non-confirming 6-year-old has become a viral TikTok sensation

Brody Schaffer

A 6-year-old dancer and influencer has gone viral on TikTok for showing the world how to be yourself.

Brody ‘Boss Baby’ Schafer is a young boy with a whole lot of personality, having become a hugely popular figure on social media.

Becoming known for crushing gender stereotypes simply by being himself, Schaffer has gained a following on Instagram and TikTok for his vibrant dancing and singing skills.

His family’s motto is: “Always extra, never boring,” which they say reflects their belief of self-expression and individuality.

His love for dance comes from his sister, Dylan, who would teach him to shimmy in her dance costumes, which he reportedly always wanted to wear. The two would always dance to Brody’s favourite soundtrack, Frozen.

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“She’s his hero,” his mother, Danielle Schaffer, said. “It was so easy for him to just throw on one of her costumes and have fun.

“When I saw him do that I didn’t see anything wrong with that. He’s a child and he’s just exploring and he’s having fun.”

Much of his content is not only an encapsulation of the positivity of self expression, but it’s also to prove that “boys can do ballet to.”

Danielle said that the content emphasises the beauty of children being their true selves without masks or filters.

“Be there and be supportive,” she said. “Know that not everyone’s gonna be in this box that society thinks is normal, ’cause it’s not.

“These kids are all different and they’re such beautiful little angels just, you know, with their own paths.”

Over the past few years, Brody has gained over 788,000 followers on his Instagram account alone where he regularly posts videos of himself dancing with his friends and family.

He even managed to get a billboard in Times Square in New York City as part of a promotion with health and beauty organisation Hydralyte.