Queer couple explain how their relationship won over mum

Same-sex couple Rochelle and Kay.

A Black same-sex couple has told PinkNews how they overcame the difficulties of coming out.

British same-sex couple Rochelle and Kay told PinkNews how things were initially difficult between Rochelle and her mother after the couple introduced themselves, but that, over time, they were accepted.

“She was the first family member that I came out to,” Rochelle said. “I feel like the actual coming out part itself was OK, it was what came after.

“You know, she was like, ‘I still love you, you’re my daughter,’ things like that, but then it was like when I actually got into a relationship that’s when things started to change.

“I came out as bisexual to her, so I think that she had the hope that I was going to be with a guy because I had only ever been with guys before. She was like, ‘Oh, OK, yeah, she’s bisexual but she will probably bring a guy home’.”

After the two announced they were a couple, Rochelle said it “kind of changed the dynamic,” which she said made things difficult.

But after getting to know Kay, Rochelle said: “Now, my mum loves her.”

“Her mum is my G,” Kay joked.

For Kay, introducing Rochelle was far less of a difficult task, saying that her home is “a safe place.”

“When I met your mum, it didn’t feel like we were meeting, it just felt, like, natural, like we were just having a conversation,” Rochelle commented.

“I don’t actually remember the first initial time, whereas with my mum it was like, ‘Let’s plan to go out somewhere’.”

Kay added that it felt like “a serious thing,” to meet Rochelle’s mother, saying they had to “arrange a date” to make sure it went smoothly.

“We went bowling,” Kay said. “You were losing so she was just going in a strop. But me and her mum were winning.

“She made me feel comfortable and I didn’t have to be someone else that I’m not, so, it made it a lot easier.”

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