‘I’m a drag queen with Down’s Syndrome’ – meet Horrora Shebang

Meet Horrora Shebang, a drag queen with Down’s Syndrome.

Horrora – real name Otto Baxton – is a drag queen who describes her style as “sexy, very sassy, crazy and mad, and a bit hilarious”.

She goes on to describe her drag persona as “very powerful”, “really drag, darling”, someone who likes a “little bit of Barbie”.

Speaking to PinkNews, Horrora says her favourite thing about drag is getting to meet a range of different people, including “new and old faces”, as well as fellow drag artists.

Of course, being a drag artist would not be complete without a love of makeup and the incredible outfits, which Horrora enjoys getting to try out.

“I enjoy drag because I like being on the stage,” she says. “I am a bit feisty, I’m a bit of a fight talker.”

Issuing advice to anyone out there who wants to get involved in drag, Horrora says try not to be scared or nervous because that could make you lose your stage presence and fluff your lines. Confidence is key, as they say.

Speaking about what it is like to be a drag star and have Down’s Syndrome, Horrora believes the community is “open minded”, which makes it an exciting place to be.

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