Viral lesbian couple with 37-year age gap to divorce

Social media influencers Julia Zelg and Eileen de Freest have announced they’re getting divorced after five years of marriage.

The couple, who originally met on Tinder and have a 37-year age gap, posted their divorce announcement in a 20-minute-long YouTube video shared last Wednesday (13 March), in which they explained why they have chosen to go their separate ways. 

The couple, who wed in 2019 after almost a year of dating, announced their divorce after five years of marriage following Julia’s struggles. 

Speaking to their followers, Julia said that the pair have shared a “beautiful journey” with “ups and downs”, which included money issues. 

Julia, 29, claimed she paid for the “whole wedding”, “all the trips” and their “honeymoon”, despite people calling her a gold digger due to being so much younger than Eileen, 66.

However, both reflected on the great times they shared in their relationship and it seems they are ending on good terms. 

Both said they don’t regret the relationship, but Eileen added: “I regret my behaviour but I don’t regret it [the marriage]”. 

Eileen concluded: “Don’t give up on love. Always remember the extraordinary”. 

In November 2023, the viral couple spoke to PinkNews about the good, and not-so good parts of being together. 

They shared that the hardest part about being in an age-gap relationship is “everybody else”. 

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