Bella Ramsey has sights set on portraying the Joker: ‘I want to play a baddie’

Bella Ramsey (left) and Heath Ledger as the Joker (right).

Bella Ramsey has revealed that they would like to try their hand at portraying a villain after making their big breakthrough as The Last of Us hero Ellie Williams.

The 20-year-old actor, who most recently starred in the critically acclaimed BBC prison drama Time alongside Doctor Who actress Jodie Whittaker, has said that they’d be keen to take on a role like Batman’s infamous DC Comics nemesis, the Joker.

Speaking to LADbible, Ramsey explained: “I’ve not really played a villain yet. So I want to play a baddie. But like a really interesting, intricate, complex baddie.”

After it was suggested that a role like the Joker would be perfect for the Game of Thrones star, Ramsey responded: “Yeah. I was actually thinking that as well. The Joker, someone really interesting like that.”

If not the Joker, Ramsey also revealed that they would be eager to take on a villain in the horror genre, such as a Hannibal Lecter-esque character.

Joaquin Phoenix is the most recent actor to take on the role of the joker, starring in the 2019 film Joker, for which he won a Best Actor Oscar. He will reprise the role in the 2024 sequel Joker: Folie à Deux, alongside Lady Gaga, who is set to play Harley Quinn.

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Speaking to PinkNews after announced as a recipient of the 2023 BAFTA Breakthrough award this month, Ramsey shared her joy at the prospect of taking on the upcoming lesbian storyline in The Last of Us season two.

On the left, a still from The Last of Us video game featuring Ellie and Dina kissing. On the right, BAFTA Breakthrough star Bella Ramsey.
Bella Ramsey talks to PinkNews about upcoming lesbian romance in The Last of Us season two. (BAFTA/Vivek Vadoliya/YouTube)

In line with the video game sequel The Last of Us Part II, Ramsey’s character Ellie will meet fellow apocalypse survivor Dina in the second series, which is set to begin filming in early 2024, and the pair will begin a relationship.

“I’m really excited. Actually, the first time I’d ever heard of The Last of Us was [in] a PinkNews article,” Ramsey shared.

“This was before the show, before I even got the audition. [The article was] saying that it was the first lesbian kiss in a video game.

“I remember seeing that and being like: ‘That’s really cool’.”

The sapphic relationship stayed with the star right up until it was time for her to audition for the TV adaptation.

“[I was] like The Last of Us… I recognise that, I can’t wait to do that, and to explore that story. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

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