Jordy reveals how he found love on Instagram: ‘It’s a crazy thing’

Musician and influencer Jordy has spoken about falling for someone he met on Instagram, revealing the trials and tribulations of long-distance relationships.

“In September, I got a message on Instagram from a random guy who saw one of my TikToks”, Jordy says, noting that he’s had flirtatious messages in his DMs before but that this guy was “bold” and even gave him his number.

“After I stalked his profile on Insta, I saw that he was very cute and seemed sweet and smart so I gave it a shot. I sent him a text which ended up being a day and night full of texting. Then we started Facetiming, which turned into Facetiming every day.”

But there was a distance element to the relationship. His crush lives in Philadelphia, while Jordy is in Los Angeles – almost 2,400 miles apart. Even by air, the trip takes more than five hours.

However, the pair eventually decided to meet in person.

“I took a chance and bought a flight to Philadelphia, we ended up having a beautiful weekend together. Love is a crazy thing and nobody can really explain it. Sometimes you just meet someone online and that’s it.”

As he began to fall in love, Jordy, who finds the “lack of physical touch” the hardest part to bear, realised that there were few songs about the sort of relationship he was enjoying. So, he wrote “Long Distance.”

“There are a lot of long-distance songs that talk about how complicated and difficult [that] can be, but not that many songs out there that talk about how beautiful it can be”, he says, adding that his track is dedicated to “all the long-distance lovers out there”.

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